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Answers to the Most Common Questions about Mosquitoes, the Blood Sucking Bug

ANSWERS TO THE MOST COMMON QUESTIONS ABOUT MOSQUITOES THE BLOOD- SUCKING BUG THEY LIVE ON BLOOD! We all hate these blood-sucking pests and want to get rid of them, but before that, let's glance through some interesting facts about this common enemy. There may be more to the mosquito than meets the eye. HOW DO MOSQUITOES GET WEST NILE VIRUS? West Nile virus - a flavivirus originated in Eastern Africa, now prevalent in many areas of the world. O Mosquitoes become infected with West Nile virus when they bite a bird that is infected. Afterwards, mosquitoes then go on to feed on humans and transmit the virus onto them. 1O Incubation period - Between 2 and 14 days. Fewer than 1% of carrier mosquitoes actually carry the West Nile virus. Less than 1% of people bitten and infected by a mosquito actually become seriously ill. Many simply suffer from flu-like symptoms for several days. WHAT ARE THE DISEASES CARRIED BY CULEX MOSQUITÕES? Arbovirus Nematode Protists These infections include An infection known as filariasis These are parasites that cause various diseases such as West is the most common nematode disease Culex forms of avian malaria and that can be Nile virus, Japanese encephalitis, St. Louis encephalitis, and Western and Eastern equine. mosquitoes carry. transmitted to humans. WHY ARE MOSQUITOES ATTRACTED TO CARBON DIOXIDE? Instinctively, mosquitoes realize that where there is carbon dioxide, there is an animal host. When humans exhale, they release a lot of carbon dioxide. It's for this reason that mosquitoes are attracted to a person's breath. ARE MOSQUITOES ATTRACTED TO UV LIGHTS? Mosquitoes are not attracted to UV light, but the carbon dioxide emission by some Bug zappers only kill between 4.1 and 6.4% 'Bug Zappers'. of the nearby mosquito population over a whole season. WHAT ARE THE SIMPLE WAYS TO CONTROL MOSQUITOES IN OUR HOME? • Keep fly screens on windows, doors, vents, and chimneys, make sure they are well maintained at all times. • Use a fly spray on mosquitoes you see in your home. • Use insect sprays on areas such as shaded shrubbery around your home. • Don't leave anything in the yard that can collect water. • Repair any leaking taps outside. • Refresh drinking bowls for pets, birdbaths, and water in vases at least once a week. When it is warmer, these need to be changed more often. • Place sand around the base of pots holding plants. This will absorb the water that drains out of them so, it does not attract mosquitoes. • Keep fish ponds clean with very little vegetation around the edges. • Cut the grass regularly and keep plants in gardens trimmed to reduce the number of areas where mosquitoes reside. • Ensure water tanks are completely sealed. • Cover water collection containers with lids or screens. HOW MANY EGGS DOES A MOSQUITO LAY? After mating just one time, a female mosquito typically lays approximately In some cases though, mosquitoes can double this number and lay up to 100 eggs. 200 eggs at a time. WHAT ARE MOSQUITO -BORNE DISEASES? Nearly 700 million people contract a mosquito-borne sickness every year. These diseases result in over one million deaths. Western equine encephalitis La Crosse encephalitis Dengue Chikungunya Malaria Yellow fever Eastern equine encephalitis Filariasis Zika fever Venezuelan equine encephalitis Tularemia Keystone virus Ross River fever St. Louis encephalitis Dirofilariasis Japanese encephalitis Barmah Forest fever Rift Valley fever West Nile virus CAN A MOSQUITO BITE AFFECT A PREGNANCY? Mosquitos are more attracted to pregnant women due to their increased body temperature. If a woman is infected with Zika after a mosquito bites her, she will pass the virus onto her unborn child. The child is then at great risk of developing a congenital disability known as microcephaly. However, when a mosquito is not infected with a virus, their bite is harmless to pregnant women. WHAT DO MALE MOSQUITOES EAT? Nectar, the sap of plants, and honeydew, which is a sweet and sticky substance produced by aphids. They use this food for energy, just as humans do. WHAT MOSQUITO-BORNE DISEASES ARE THERE IN PENNSYLVANIA? Some of these include Eastern equine encephalitis, chikungunya, and canine heartworm, which is only a threat to dogs. Zika has also gotten some news coverage, but the biggest threat to Pennsylvanians is West Nile virus. ARE THERE ASIAN TIGER MOSQUITOES IN PENNSYLVANIA? The Aedes albopictus, But it can breed in shipping containers, warehouses, and distribution ports, thus now found in many parts of the world. This includes Pennsylvania, and it is the second-most common mosquito in the state. also known as the Asian Tiger mosquito, is native to Southeastern Asia. DOES NEW JERSEY HAVE BLACK MOSQUITOES? The Asian tiger mosquito is the most common mosquito that bites humans in New Jersey. Their legs have black and white stripes, and they have similar body markings. These mosquitoes are most active from the middle of summer to October. In 2013, New Jersey had a particularly bad invasion of - the Asian tiger mosquito. Have More Questions About Mosquitoes? Call Our Pest Control Technicians If you have mosquitoes around your home and would like to know more about getting rid of them, call our pest control experts at Pointe Pest Control. Call us today at (610) 277-7575 for your free inspection.

Answers to the Most Common Questions about Mosquitoes, the Blood Sucking Bug

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The infamous mosquitoes. We all hate these blood-sucking pests and want to get rid of them, but before that, let's glance through some interesting facts about this common enemy. There may be more to t...




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