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Animal Lifespans

IT'S TIME YOU ANIMAL LIFESPANS FINALLY KNEW SOMETHING ABOUT. Brine Shrimp <9 years Animal lifespans varywidely due to several factors, 10-24 years induding size, diet, and reproductive needs. For 25 - 49 years instance, while most insects live long enough only Worker Ant 50- 99 years to mature and reproduce, others survive long past 100+ years their ability to procreate, induding humans. Cockroach • Butterfly Queen Ant • Aquarium Fish Humans may desire long lives, but for insects, shorter life spans mean greater evolutionary advantages. The force behind insects' extremely Mouse varied but incredibly precise adaptations, from camouflage that Kangaroo • Rabbit changes with the environment to the social efficiency of the hive mind, relies on their ability to cyde Chicken • Frog • Penguin through generations so quickly. Goat • Blackbird Cicada • Wolf Many animal groups, like snakes, frogs, or bats, share a Tiger • Domestic Dog typical lifespan across their entire order; boa constrictors, cobras, & rat snakes all live about 23 years, for instance. But some groups aren't so predictable: for example, the Snake • Bat • Peafowl painted turtle's lifespan averages about 10 years, while the Galapagos tortoise can live more than 200. Shark • Domestic Cat • Dolphin Lion 12 56 203 23 Brown Bear The death of an animal usually occurs through familiar means, cell necrosis due to injury or disease. Apoptosis, Horse • Rhinoceros or programmed cell death, on the other hand, occurs naturally in most animals and increases with age, so even with no external factors like predation or illness, Camel death appears to be unavoidable. Alligator EVERYTHING Elephant • Human Blue Whale • Cockatoo Carp / Koi Amazon Parrot Box Turtle The lifespan of a lobster is notoriously difficult Territopsis nutricula, a species of jellyfish, can to pin down, as they seemingly avoid aging revert to its immature state, becoming a polyp when altogether, instead eventually succumbing food is scarce, and back again to an adult medusa. to predation, injury, or disease. This process can go on indefinitely, thereby Some biologists claim that without these factors, rendering this species the only animal on Earth lobsters could effectively live for centuries. capable of biological immortality. ©2011, Geoff Bartlett / Sources: Wikipedia, National Geographic, Dr. Bob's All Creatures Site

Animal Lifespans

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Animal lifespans vary widely due to several factors, including size, diet and reproductive needs. For instance, while most insects live long enough only to mature and reproduce, others survive long pa...


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