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Amazing Animals & Their Sleeping Habits

AMAZING ANIMALS & THEIR SLEEPING HABITS DOLPHINS AND WHALES have the ability to sleep with only one-half of their brain at a time. This prevents them from drowning in their sleep. SEA OTTERS will sometimes hold hands when they sleep so they don't drift away from each other. GIRAFFES can go weeks without sleep. Being large and rather slow animals, they're constantly vulnerable to attacks from predators, and therefore cannot sleep for long periods. MIGRATING BIRDS can sleep whilst flying. Some species of birds fly for 6 months straight migrating, eating, drinking and sleeping whilst airborne. COWS like to sleep close to their families, and sleeping arrangements are determined by individuals' rank in the social hierarchy. wchabdcawc HORSES, ZEBRAS & ELEPHANTS can sleep standing up. This is because they are 'prey' animals, and need to be alert in case they are attacked. THE SLEEPIEST ANIMALS MAY SURPRISE YOU. The average amount of hours spent sleeping per day OHRS < > 20HRS 0.5/1.9/4.6 hours GIRAFFE (varied reports) HORSE 2.9 hours ELEPHANT 3.5 hours GRAY SEAL 6.2 hours 7.8 PIb hours HUMANROUTS |hours - CHIMPANZEE 9.7 hours 10.1 DOb nours BABOON 10.3 hours DOLPHIN 10.4 hours 12.5 CAT nours CED 15.8 1GER nours | 14.4-16 SLOTH hours OPOSSUM 18 hours GIANT ARMADILLO 18.1 hours LITTLE BROWN BAT 19.9 hours HIBERNATION. Some animals hibernate over the winter. Often referred as a very deep sleep, hibernating animals are doing much more than just sleeping; they're undergoing physiological changes that can be very drastic (i.e. significant drop in body temperature). Some animals that live in deserts also undergo a form of 'summer hibernation' called "estivation" to escape the blazing heat. When an animal wakes from hibernation, it shows many signs of sleep deprivation and needs to sleep a lot over the next few days to recover. walaithww.bwahwiowhlw wwwwd Bmybedframes O @MyBedFrames Sources |,,,, Wenalkbikatad ITTT

Amazing Animals & Their Sleeping Habits

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Humans may rule the Earth, but the world is full of amazing animals of all shapes and sizes, and we're only just starting to learn how truly remarkable they are.





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