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Allergies in Dogs and Cats

Seasonal Allergies In Dogs and Cats Do you know your dogs and cats also suffer from seasonal allergies, just like you do ? Many pets suffer from allergies. Allergies cause behaviors such as licking,biting, and scratching. This can put dogs and cats at risk for more serious problems like skin infections. There are two main types of allergies: food allergies and environmental allergies. Symptoms If your dog has itchy eyes,a runny nose, hair loss, or bald patches, then your dog may be suffering from allergies. If your cat has recurrent skin and ear infections,and perhaps suffers with sneezing too, then maybe your cat is suffering from allergies. Recurrent skin and ear infections Itchy eyes Hair loss, Runny nose bald patches Sneezing Causes of Allergies Flea Bites Mite Problems Flea bites are the number one cause of allergic reaction in pets. Flea allergy dermatitis is the most common skin disease in pets. Allergies are also caused by various mites, along with pollens, molds, dander, and other environmental substances. Treatment Flea Bites Mite Problems - Applying monthly spot- specific medications. Repeated medication use, Disrupting the life cycle of the parasite. - Isolating pets from other animals. - Performing a skin test. - Performing a skin or serum test. - Using a flea comb for removal of fleas and eggs. - Repeated sulfur dips over several week. Using an insecticide to eliminate an established flea infestations. - Treating bedding and environment. Managing Allergies through Home Care Bathing: Use shampoo which is designed for pets with allergies once or twice in a week. Supplements: Oral omega 3 fatty acid supplements or topical products like omega 3,6,9 or omega Tri-V . Sources:

Allergies in Dogs and Cats

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Your dogs and cats also suffer from seasonal allergies as we do.The most common causes of seasonal allergies in dogs and cats are flea bites and mite problems. This infographic tells us the informatio...






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