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African elephants need our help

once inthe African elephants umbered Elephants directly influence forest composition & density, and can alter the broader landscape. In tropical forests, elephants create across Africa, but by the mid-1980s imbortant clearings in and the gaps canopy helr populations had been devastated theirfuture, that encouragé regeneration. because tree by poaching. lied to much of In the savannas, they can reduce bush cover to create Africa's rich biodiversity. an environment favorable some populations remain In danger elephants grazing animals. In dânger Sclentists consider browsing and African due to poaching habitat loss andlvory, and conflict with humans. meat, DO Scan the code to to be " keystone Adopt? Elephant species Today! las they help to maintain suitable Chabitats for many www.other species (C) Lish ART.COM in savanna & forest ecosystems It is calculated that at least 13 species in west African forests rely on elephants in this way for African Elephants Need Our Help distribution of their future generations.

African elephants need our help

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African elephants once numbered millions across Africa, but by the mid-1980s their populations had been devastated by poaching. Some populations remain in danger dure to poaching for meat, habitat los...


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