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African Cichlid Compatibility Chart

African Cichlid Compatibility Chart Lake Malawi/Victoria Lake Tanganyika )=Compatible =Use Caution |=Not Compatible C=Carnivore H=Herbivore O-Omnivore O0000 0000O Aulonocara o Buccochromis O Champsochromis © 00 Chilotilapia o O0OA Copadichromis O00001 Cynotilapia O IDAAO Cyrtocara o O00000 Dimidiochromis ©A000OAOA Exochochromis ©00 OOAOA Fossorochromis 0OAOOOAO0OA Haplochromis O IO lodotropheus O Labeotropheus e Labidochromis o OI Lethrinops O Maylandia e Melanochromis O Metriaclima G Nimbochromis C Otopharynx © Paralabidochromis O Petrotilapia G Placidochromis O 0 Protomelas O Pseudotropheus O Pundamilia o Rhamphochromis G000 Sciaenochromis © Tropheops O Tyrannochromis © Altolamprologus ©O Astatotilapia O Benthochromis OII Callochromis O Ctenochromis © Cyathopharynx OOAA Cyphotilapia G Cyprichromis O Ectodus O Eretmodus O●I Julidochromis O Lamprologus O Lepidiolamprologus O Neolamprologus O Paracyprichromis o Spathodus O O Telmatochromis O Triglachromis o Tropheus OAOA AAA AAAAAAO OOAA A AAAAAAAAA AAAA AA AAAAAI AAAA OOAAAA AOAA The compatibility provided here is a guideline only. The temperament of individual animals can vary. Always choose tankmates and new additions carefully to avoid endangering the health of your aquarium residents. Aulonocara O Buccochromis O Champsochromis Chilotilapia O Copadichromis O Dimidiochromis Exochochromis O Fossorochromis O Haplochromis e lodotropheus SLabeotropheus A Maulandia O Melanochromis Metriaclima O Otopharynx O Paralabidochromis Petrotilapia. O Placidochromis O Protomelas O Pseudotropheus O Pundamilia OSmphochromis O Turannochromis Altolamprologus O Astatotilapia O Benthochromis O Cyphotilapia O Cyprichromis O Eretmodus snpojɔa o anidiolamprologus O Neolamprologus O Paracyprichromis snpoyjeds o O Telmatochromis O Triglachromis spaudou

African Cichlid Compatibility Chart

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African Cichlid Compatibility Chart should be used as a guideline only. Temperament of individual animals can vary.


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