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8 Human foods that can kill your dog

THESE HUMAN FOODS CAN KILL YOUR DOG THIS LIST OF HUMAN FOOD COULD MAKE YOUR DOG VERY SICK OR WORSE KILL. TAKE NOTE, SHARE AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS PETGEARLAB.COM СНОCOLATE If eaten by a dog, chocolate can cause vomiting, dehydration, abdominal pains, severe agitation, muscle tremors, irregular heart rhythm, elevated body temperature, seizures and death. 2 MILK Milk contains milk sugar that dogs don't have the enzymes to break down. It could lead to vomiting, diarrhea and other gastro intestinal problems. While it's not immediately life- threatening, it could eventually lead to disease. MILH 3 CHEESE Like milk, cheese also has sugars and fatty components that dogs don't have the necessary enzymes to break down. 4 ONIONS While onions go with pretty much anything savory, they can do more than just make your dog cry. Onions can damage red blood cells in dogs causing them to become weaker and move around less. If enough onions are consumed, a blood transfusion might be necessary. MACADAMIA NUTS The specific chemicals found in macadamias are still unknown right now, but they are known to cause a toxic reaction to dogs if ingested. Dogs will develop weakness and an inability to walk, specifically in their hind legs. Vomiting, staggering gait, depression, tremors and hypothermia. 6 GARLIC Like the chocolate rule, the stronger the onion the more toxic it can be. Since garlic is part of the onion family it's even more dangerous to dogs than onions per ounce. Garlic contains compounds that are strong in toxicity. GRAPES While its currently unknown what chemicals and compounds are in grapes that cause toxicity to dogs, the results of consumption can be pretty devastating. Grapes and raisins can cause rapid kidney failure. While it varies between dogs, symptoms may not show up immediately 8 ALCOHOL AND BEER Dogs don't have the enzymes to break down the alcohol in beer so it can cause them serious gastro intestinal problems. It stimulates the nervous system in dogs, causing vomiting, restlessness, heart palpitations and even death. Research on this article is done with the help of the ASPCA and VET MEDICINE a animal health expert teaching at University of Louisiana.

8 Human foods that can kill your dog

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We list 8 of the most unknown human foods that can have serious health effects on your dog. If you think you can feed your dog all your left over scraps and what not from the fridge, think again. We a...


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