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4 Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen BOOM! Asking husbands, hairdressers, and yoga instructors what they think at POW every step of a website process can overwhelm you with conflicting opinions. It's understandable to want validation, but you'll get it soon enough when your site launches and you start looking at the data! 60% Solution: Appoint a single person to act as a point of 6 Reasons contact to avoid sending conflicting messages to your web design team. Why Your Website Redesign Cost Can Blow Up Getting Stuck on Content Entrepreneurs and business owners are notorious for thinking they can do everything themselves! It's wise to be realistic about how 1 much time you and your team can commit to developing website content without any professional assistance. "Absent-Minded- Solution: Professor" Syndrome Start working on the content as soon as possible - block Missing meeting times, not responding time out on your calendar to focus on writing. If you to emails, or leaving your action items have writer's block, ask your web company to find you a incomplete causes your web design professional writer and keep things moving. agency to spend more time acting as a personal reminder service instead of on getting your website right. 6. Solution: Make sure you are clear on what your web company Perfectionism needs from you to complete the project, how much time you will need to dedicate, and how responsive you need Many people think that their website has to HOLD UP to be to avoid becoming a bottleneck. be perfect before it can be useful. In reality, if you've made the smart choice to have your site put into a web-based content management 2 system, it's easy to update content. It's better to launch something you can keep improving instead of sitting for Indecisiveness months with an almost-finished website. The more times you change Solution: Consider a phased approach to your project - Launch the "minimum viable website" you need to serve your direction, the more time your web company will spend redoing work or re-communicating plans to the development team. prospects and customers, start collecting data about how they are engaging with your site, and then launch Solution: additional features and content over time. It's best to be as decisive as possible to avoid costly redesign and redevelopment work. Your web 3. n design company should be just Lack of Direction or as committed Team Alignment W e to being a good service partner Asking your web company to mediate disputes between business partners as you are to S or marketing team members about the being a good client. If everyone works direction of a website eats into production and design time. together toward a shared vision of It's best to work on these issues outside of your project success, you really can live happily ever after! Are you ready for a successful meeting time and come to the table with a clear direction. Solution: website redesign? Consider engaging your agency in a strategy phase first to make sure everyone is clear on the direction and goals before your project begins. Clarify your business goals, Request a Consult ideal customer, buyer personas, messaging, content, and site architecture before design and development begins! | 734.929.0431 | [email protected]


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It’s so common to blow your website budget that many people go into a project assuming it’ll happen. That just seems plain silly to us. Why bother setting a budget at all, then? The truth is, you...


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