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50 Bird Species and the Sounds They Make

50 BIRD SPECIES and the Sounds They Make "ра-chip- chip-chip per-chick-a-ree po-ta-to-chip"| “kleek kik ik ik ik" “cheer-up; cheer-a-lee; cheer-ee-o, whinny The puffin sometimes makes soft purr-like noises while at sea. "koo-Ooo" AMERICAN GOLDFINCH AMERICAN ROBIN ASIAN KOEL ATLANTIC PUFFIN Fractercula artica BALD EAGLE Spinus tristis Turdus migratorius Eudynamys scolopaceus Haliaeetus leucocephalus “fee-der-de-lurp jay-jay-jay queedle-queedle- queedle "screeeeee" “honk; honk; honk" "witt-witt “fee-bee" splee-plink" BARN OWL BARN SWALLOW Hirundo rustica CANADA GOOSE Branta canadensis BLACK-CAPPED CHICKADEE BLUE JAY Tyto alba Poecile atricapillus Cyanocitta cristata “cheer-cheer- cheer-purty- purty-purty" The domesticated version of this bird was bred in the 17th century to sing for kings "caw-caw- caw-caw - (koodle-yah" "соо-СОО-соо- “ku-ku" соо-сос" CANARY (COMMON) Serinus canaria COMMON WOOD PIGEON CARDINAL Cardinalis cardinalis Columba palumbus CROW (AMERICAN) Corvus brachyrhynchos CUCKOO Cuculus canorus “The redbreast warbles still, but is content with slender notes and more than half suppressed." Рoet William Cowper The sound is varied and The flamingo produces goose-like onk. “hoot-a-hoot; hoo-hoo' a complicated, with occasional trills sounding like “churrr. “pit-sit tee-seep" EURASIAN WREN HORNED OWL EUROPEAN ROBIN Erithacus rubecula FLAMINGO (AMERICAN) Phoenicopterus ruber) HORNED LARK Troglodytes troglodytes Eremophila aloestris Bubo virginianus Like other species of macaw, they can learn to mimic words, sounds, and phrases. This distinctive, almost monkey- like "o o 00 o0" sound is often used as a stock sound effect for jungle settings. “fire; fire; where? here; here; see it? see it?" “chiddik; chiddik" "cooo-leee" HOUSE SPARROW Passer domesticus INDIGO BUNTING Passerina cyanea LAUGHING KOOKABURRA Dacelo novaeguineae LOON (COMMON) Gavia immer HYACINTΗ ΜACAW Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus "squeechu squeechu squeechu" (courting) Females of the species can recognize their male partners by their call alone. 'quack quack quack" “hooo-ah hoo-hoo-hoo chirry-chirry chirry- choreeo "chew-chew chew-chew jug jug jug" *** "kleeeyer wik-wik-wik" MAGELLANIC PENGUIN MALLARD DUCK MOURNING DOVE NIGHTINGALE (COMMON) Luscinia megarhynchos NORTHERN FLICKER Spheniscus magellanicus Anas platyrhynchos Zenaida macroura Colaptes auratus "kik-kik-kik- kik-kik" Mockingbirds are famous for imitating other birds, typically in patterns of three. Kept as pets, they often whistle, mimic sounds, and sometimes "kyew; kyew; kyew; kyew; kyew" “pia-ow eу-awe' even learn words. PARAKEET (BUDGERIGAR) OSPREY Pandion haliaetus РЕАFOWL (cоMмоN) Pavo cristatus NORTHERN MOCKINGBIRD PILEATED WOODPECKER Mimus polyglottos Melopsittacus undulatus Dryocopus pileatus “cock-a-doodle- doo!" “tchew-wew, pew pew, choo, cher, zweet zwack" This pigeon emits a rolling “coo" sound. “chortle- deeeee conk-a-reeee tseer; tseer" “cruck-cruck" RAVEN (COMMON) Corvus corax PURPLE MARTIN RED-WINGED BLACKBIRD ROOSTER Progne subis Agelaius phoeniceus ROCK DOVE Columba livia Gallus gallus domesticus “filip filip filip codidio codidio quitquiquit tittit Swifts sometimes form “screaming parties" of 10 to 20 swifts around nesting "wicka-wicka- wicka" "wolf-whistle"| tittit “kee-arr" tereret areas tereret tereret" SNIPE (COMMON) Gallinago gallinago TERN (cоMMON) Sterna hirundo SONG THRUSH Turdus philomelos STARLING (COMMON) Sturnus Vulgaris SWIFT (COMMON) Apus apus gobble-gobble- gobble" “cheeva; cheeva; cheeva fer-da; fer-da; fer-da here; here; here peter- peter- peter" "“chk-chk-chk; ra-vi-o-li; ee-oh-lay; fweet-fweet- fweet" "veer-veer- veer-veer" “kloo-kloo - kloo" TUFTED TITMOUSE TURKEY (WILD) VEERY Catharus fuscescens WHOOPER SWAN WOOD THRUSH Baeolophus bicolor Meleagris gallopavo Cygnus cygnus Hylocichla mustelina SOURCES: AMA AAA STATE OF PLAY®

50 Bird Species and the Sounds They Make

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Birds are wonderful. The songs they sing lift our spirits, spark our imaginations, and lighten our hearts. This infographic explores 50 bird species and the sounds they make. Click the source to find ...


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