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5 Tips to Ease Pet Anxiety When The Kids Go Back to School

5 TIPS TO EASE ΡET ΑΝΧΙΕΤΥ WHEN THE KIDS GO BACK TO SCHOOL SCHOOL BUS #1 - Adapt Daily Routine Our pets are creatures of habit. Start by easing into a daily routine that mimics a typical school day. # 2 - Slowly Adjust to Separation Dogs and cats demonstrate separation anxiety with destructive behaviors like chewing, barking/meowing, and having accidents in the home. Start now by easing into periods of separation. Run extended errands to help get them get used to being in their crate or home with out you for longer periods of time. Keep increasing the time they are alone as the school year approaches. This progression will help your pet become accustomed to time away from you and prove that you will come home. Your pet's biggest fear is that you aren't going to come back! #3 - Try Interactive Toys Interactive toy provide a fun mental workout for your pet and reduce boredom. This will give your pet something to so while you are gone and prevent them from chewing on other things out of boredom. Try a Kong or treat puzzle filled with there favorite treats. #4 - Exercise Helps! Exercise will help reduce boredom. Make sure to schedule time to take your dog for walks early in the morning before everyone leaves. You can help your cat burn some energy too with some playtime using a laser pointer or cat wand. #5 - Get Vet Appointments Out of the Way Once school starts there are going to be more activities and other obligations. If you can get your pet to the vet in the summer. If not, schedule the appointments now before school starts and get them on the family calendar. THAT Fish PLACE fish THAT pet PLACE O:

5 Tips to Ease Pet Anxiety When The Kids Go Back to School

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5 Simple tips to help pet owners cope with their pets' anxiety when the daily routine changes and the kids go back to school.


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