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4 Reasons Why Pandas Are Endangered

4 REASONS WHY PANDAS ARE ENDANGERED REASON #1: POACHING Poaching pandas for their fur and meat was a popular activity back in the 80s. Luckily, strict laws and regulations are now in place and poaching pandas is now rare. REASON #2: LOGGING Trees are commercially logged, in order to provide natural resources such as papers and wooden furniture. Forests and mountains, where pandas called home, were destroyed. REASON #3: DEVELOPMENT Forests are cleared for agriculture or development to meet demands of growing population. Moreover, fragmentation occurs when new roads and railways are built cutting through the region. This prevents them from breeding and food- finding. REASON #4: TOURISM The increasing number of tourists visiting the forests, together with the construction of tourist facilities, disturb their habitats. SOUR CE: WWW.PANDA-WONDERS.COM/

4 Reasons Why Pandas Are Endangered

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If you ask the average person to name one endangered species, most will mention the panda as the first endangered animal that comes to mind. Giant pandas are famous for their almost cartoon-like cuten...


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