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20 Animal Facts That Will Make You Giggle

FOLY FARM 20 ANIMAL FACTS THAT K WILL MAKE YOU GIGGLE! presents. Adventure Park and Zoo A GROUP OF KANGAROOS IS CALLED A MOB A GROUP OF flamingoes flamboyance called a a grouP of PUGS is called a. GRUMBLE A GROUP OF FERRETS IS CALLED A BUSINESS baby, Puffins are called Pufflings he he he he he he he he he turtles can breathe tickled PATS LAUGH WHEN through their bums! the Swedish have a rabbit show jumping coMPEtition called Kaninhopping" Norway once* khighted a penguin his full name is. Colonel-in-Chiefs Sir Nils Olav bOok a penguin feeding experience Elephants cant snakes can * see through their eyelids jump! A CROCODILE * can't stick his touque ut communicate with each other by butterflies use their feet TO TASTE snuggling OTTERS C S sleeping hold hands while have best friends AND GET DEPRESSED So they don't float apart when theyre away from them! chicks tweet, tweet! So wnen are YOU hatching? talk to each Other from inside their shells. they use at least 24 different sounds! ViSit our hatchery exhibit ChirP ChirP a mother hen will cluck to her chicks while they are still in the shell and the chicks will chirp back For more information and to meet our animals visit Designed by

20 Animal Facts That Will Make You Giggle

shared by FollyFarmAdvent... on Jul 22
Folly Farm Adventure Park & Zoo's first infographic! Cool animal facts which will brighten any gloomy day, from a mob of kangaroos to a grumble of pugs these facts will certainly put a smile on your f...




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