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15 Stats That Prove Being Bilingual is Awesome

Chinese 15 STATS THAT PROVE BEING Bengali French Bilingnal Irish English Arabic Spanish is Awesome Russian * STATE OF BILINGUALISM IN AMERICA * The number of bilinguals in America is on the rise largely due to the influx of non-English speaking immigrants over the past decades. While growing, the current percentage of bilinguals in the U.S. is still much smaller compared to other countries throughout the world. 26% Adult Americans speak other language 43% Young Americans speak second language VS. 25% | 22% 30-49 Age Group 50-64 Age Group Only 26% of adult Americans speak a language other than English well enough to hold a conversation. Younger Americans, aged 18-29, are far more likely than other age groups to be bilingual, with 43% able to speak a second language, compared to 25% of those aged 30 to 49, 22% of those 50 to 64. 47% 37% CHICAGO 57% 1 IN 5 Cities with the most bilinguals include New York (47% of New Yorkers are multilingual) Los Angeles (57% of residents are Americans believe that it is essential to multilingual), Dallas (37% of Dallas residents speak languages in addition to English), and Chicago. speak a second language in general. THE FOUR BIGGEST PERKS OF BEING BILINGUAL 2 HIGHER SALARY MORE JOB OPPORTUNITIES Knowing how to speak and understand more than one language is an indispensable skill in today's workforce, and often commands a higher salary. Bilinguals fare better in the job market as organizations are actively seeking employees who can speak more than one language. • Bilingual men earn 3.6% and bilingual women earn 6.6% more than those who speak only English. • 34% of recruiters in North America either "strongly agreed" or "somewhat agreed" that being at least bilingual is critical to succeed in today's business environment. • Bilingual workers earn 5 to 20% more than those who speak only one language. Employment of interpreters and translators is projected to grow 46% from • Bilinguals earn an average of $7,000 more per year than their monolingual peers. 2012 to 2022. 3 4 LIVE LONGER & HEALTHIER SMARTY PANTS Research has shown that there are many health benefits to being bilingual. Most Children who grow up learning to speak two languages are better at switching between tasks than children notably, speaking more than one language can actually slow the brains aging. who learn to speak only one language. • Bilinguals showed Alzheimers symptoms • Children who grow up learning to speak two 5 or 6 years later than those who spoke languages are better at switching between tasks than are children who learn to speak only one language. • Bilingual children showed reduced levels of anxiety, loneliness, and poor self-esteem. only one language. • Bilingual adults have denser gray matter compared to monolingual adults. • Adults whove been bilingual since they were children had better "cognitive flexibility" than those who only knew how to speak one language. • Students who completed at least four years of foreign-language study scored more than 100 points higher on each section of the SAT compared to students who took a half year or less of foreign language. te takelessons Learn to speak a different language! Sign up for language lessons with a tutor today at SOURCES: ond-words/2010/03/03/top-multilingualu-s-citles/ -being-bilingual/ belng-bilingual.pdf *** * * * **** * *** ** ★ ** ***

15 Stats That Prove Being Bilingual is Awesome

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Thinking about learning a new language? Having the ability to speak and understand two languages—also known as bilingualism—has its fair share of perks from mental health improvements to increased...




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