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15 Facts about Chickens

15 FACTS About Chickens THAT VMILL ENRICH Y OUR LIFE WATCH OUT. Chickens 1 can run up to 9 miles/hour. 2 The LARGEST CHICKEN EGG weighed 9 ounces and was 12.25 inches around. Whoa. Chickens are the closest 3 living relative to the TYRANNOSAURUS REX. It's a chicken's world... There are MORE CHICKENS ON EARTH than there are humans. In fact, there are over 3 chickens for every human on earth. 6 5 Scientists believe that a rooster's wattle helps him ATTRACT MATES. The comb on top of his head also helps-the brighter the comb, the better! The MOST YOLKS ever found in a chicken egg was 9. Sounds claustrophobic. 8 It is ILLEGAL to eat your chicken with a fork in Gainesville, CHINA not only has the greatest number of people in the world, but it also has the most chickens GA, the chicken capital of the world. (over 3,000,000,000). Some people paint their eggs for Easter, and some chickens do the work for you! Certain chicken breeds lay eggs that are various SHADES OF GREEN AND BLUE. 10 11 Cut down that electric bill with some CHICKEN If took all the chicken consumed WASTE... A 100 watt light you from KFC around the world, it would CIRCLE EARTH at the equator 11 times. bulb can run for 5 hours on the waste produced by 1 chicken in its lifetime. Some people suffer from 12 |13 "Alektorophobia," the FEAR OF CHICKENS. Chickens can LIVE WITHOUT A HEAD! AlL they need is an intact brain stem. The headless chicken to survive the longest lasted 1.5 years! AK 14 15 14 10.5 3.5 7 KY PÅ you ADJUST THE LIGHTING in a chicken's cage, it will trick the bird into thinking each day is 28 hours long, rather than 24. This adjustment causes it to produce bigger and stronger If The U.S. has 4 CITIES with the word "chicken" in their name: Chicken, AK; Chicken Bristle, IL; Chicken Bristle, KY; Chicken Town, PA. eggs. No one ever claimed chickens are the smartest animals alive... INFOGRAPHIC PROVIDED BY: CONTRACTOR FAIVS www.CONTRACTORFAILS.COM Sources: 10

15 Facts about Chickens

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Who knew our feathered friends were such interesting creatures? Whether you're a omnivore or vegetarian, there's plenty to learn about these fowls.


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