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10 Shocking Vegan Myths Dispelled

10 S H O C K I N G VEGAN M Y T· H S· D PE L L E D A vegan diet is a plant-based diet. All food is derived from plant sources, including fats, carbs and proteins. There has been a growing demand in scientific research, cookbooks, food choices, etc. However, there are still a lot of preconceived notions about vegans and the foods we eat. It's time to dispel those myths! 01 1 Vegan Cuisine is Bland FACT! Vegan diet opens itself to a great variety of foods, spices, flavors and colors from plants. Creative combinations and different preparations can expand one's palate and sense of culinary adventure. With the abundance of vegan recipes, from raw vegetable sushi to barbecue tempeh, the possibilities are endless! Loaded Miso Soup Tomatoes 02 Vegan Diets are All About Tofu FACT! Tofu is a great versatile source of protein. It takes on the flavor of anything you make with it. However, it is not the ONLY source of protein for a vegan diet. spinach TVP/TSP tempeh beans and legumes broccoli seitan kale nuts blueberry 03 Eating Vegan is Expensive FACT! There is some confusion between what's vegan and what's organic. Granted, in some markets, organic products can be costly. However, vegan does not mean organic. Therefore, it doesn't have to be expensive. 12.0% Pork 10.4% Beef & Veal MEAT VS FRUIT & VEGGIE 7.2% Fish & Seafood FOOD PRICE COMPARISON 5.8% 4.6% Fresh Fruits Source: Labor Department I Lettuce 0.6% - Tomatoes 04 Animal Foods Must Be Consumed for Increased Stamina FACT! The Department of Foods and Nutrition at Purdue University states that nutritional requirements are identical for both vegan and non- vegan athletes, as long as the athlete continues to ensure they have the right intake of fat, carbohydrates, protein and essential nutrients; all of which can be gained from a plant-based diet. Vegans Need to Take a 05 Range of Supplements FACT! A sensible vegan diet can meet the daily nutritional allowances one needs. However, in some cases, like with B12 and D3, a supplement may be necessary. It is important to get your blood work checked by a medical professional to ensure there aren't any deficiencies. EAT YOUR RA NBOW TO GET ALL THE VITAMINS & MINERALS! 06 A Vegan Diet Lacks Fiber FACT! According to the U.S. government's 2010 Dietary Guidelines, adults should have 22 to 34 grams amount of fiber. A balanced diet for vegan usually contains lots of fruits, veggies, whole grains, beans, and other legumes which are rich in fiber. That makes them could easily meet their daily fiber requirements than their meat-eating counterpart. BROCCOLI boiled, 1 cup : 5.1 gr RASPBERRY LENTILS cooked, 1 cup : 15.6 gr 1 cup : 8.0 gr PEAR BARLEY cooked, 1 cup : 6.0 gr 1 medium : 5.5 gr SPLIT PEAŞS cooked, 1 cup : 16.3 gr ARTICHOKE cooked, 1 cup : 10.3 gr SPAGHETTI cooked, 1 cup :6.3 gr 07 Vegans are Inherently Healthier FACT! A vegan diet is not a cure-all diet. Vegans still face the risk of medical issues from the common cold to cancer. While the avoidance of meat can boost one's health profile, it comes down to having a balanced diet. You may need to speak with a medical professional, like a registered dietician, to help ensure you are getting the rights foods, vitamins and minerals that your body needs. 08 Vegan Diets are for Weight Loss FACT! Vegan diet is NOT a weight loss plan or fad, while some of them have lost weight in transitioning, some others doing it for ethical reasons which doesn't equate to health and vice versa. Choosing to reduce processed foods and sticking to a plant-based diet with whole foods does however increase overall health benefits and can contribute to weight loss. 09 Meat-Eating Children Grow Taller than Vegan Children FACT! Studies have shown that vegan children, on average, end up being the same height as non-vegetarian children. Some studies suggest that vegetarian children grow slower than non-vegetarian children at first, then they "catch up", according to The Physicians Committee. 10 A Vegan Diet Lacks Omega-3 FACT! Omega-3s are polysaturated fatty acids that help to reduce the chance of heart disease, inflammation and depression, among other ailments. There are plenty of vegan-friendly foods that contain Omega-3s. flax seed chia seed : hemp seed romaine lettuce spinach arugula winter squash cabbage mung bean Check out our healthy vegan meal plan, get more vegan info and news at: IH<3 Pasta, B Pue sana Bean Burger Rice IH<3 MYTH

10 Shocking Vegan Myths Dispelled

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While the reasons to go vegan can be for health or ethical purposes, it can be a life-changing, and sometimes scary, decision to make. Today is a great time to consider going vegan. However, there are...


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