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The 10 Most Toxic Foods For Pets

The 10MOST TOXIC FOODS for Pets Chocolate Dangerous to Most people know that chocolate is dangerous to dogs. But why? Dogs Cats Birds Rodents It contains theobromide, which damages a dog's: L Nervous System A lungs Kidneys Heart Chocolate with the most Theobromide: Baking chocolate or dry cocoa powder Semi-sweet chocolate Dark chocolate White chocolate 1 2 Milk chocolate Caffeine Dangerous to An extension of chocolate, large amounts caffeine can be dangerous and even fatal for pets. Most caffeinated products contain methylvanthines, which are found in cacao seeds. large doses can result in: Restlessness Heart palpitations Rapid breathing or panting Vomiting Tremors and Seizures Milk Dangerous to This one may be more surprising - cats are actually milk lactose intolerant! Most milk-based products c cause. Dehydration Diarrhea Digestive issues Most pets have low amounts of Lactose, lactose free which helps break down the sugars in milk. You can get a lactose or dairy-free substitute in most pet stores. Macadamia Nuts Dangerous to Symptoms usually appear within 12 hours of ingestion and last anywhere from 12-48 hours. Macadamia nuts aren't fatal, but just a handful of nuts can cause. Weakness .. Hypothermia Joint Pain Vomiting. Tremors Onions & Garlic Dangerous to Even small amounts of these foods can easily cause damage to your kitty, no matter what form they come in: O Cooked Raw Powdered Onion or garlic poisoning breaks down red blood cells, which leads to.. Anemia Weight loss lethargy Avocado Dangerous to Avocados contain Persin, which causes illness in most types of pets. Persin is found in an avocado's leaves Fruit Seeds Bark It causes... Birds and rodents are most susceptible and can die from ingesting avocado. Congestion Difficulty breathing Fluid accumulation Grapes & Raisins Dangerous to No one knows what makes Grapes and Raisins toxic to pets. However, only 4-5 grapes can make a dog extremely sick. I Short-term symptoms include: /1II Vomiting loss of appetite Abdominal pain Dehydration I long-term effects 1// If you believe your dog has eaten grapes or raisins, it's important to induce vomiting as soon as possible! DOG Anuria Ridney Kidney Death damage failure Raw Eggs Dangerous to Raw foods can lead to poisoning from salmonella or E.coli for most pets. For cats however... Raw eggs contain avidin, which decreases the absorption of Vitamin B and can lead to... Skin problems Fur loss Alcohol Alcohol causes the same damage to pets it does to humans - but at a much faster rate. Dangerous to Ethanol can cause rapid damage to: Respiratory system Nervous system Blood acidity Bones & Fat Dangerous to Many people think throwing your pet a bone won't harm them – they'd be eating it in the wild, after all. But these table scraps can be deadly for domesticated animals. Fat or undercooked meat can cause digestive issues. Small or brittle bones might Choke Obatruct Puncture Sources: SSS

The 10 Most Toxic Foods For Pets

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Most people think it’s ok to give furry friends a human treat every now and then – but the wrong treat can lead to serious illness...


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