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AdWords Facts and Figures

AdWords Facts & Figures Compiled by WordStream Inc. What is AdWords? AdWords is a Google tool that lets advertisers create ad campaigns on, Google's search syndication network, and Google's content network. Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter are AdWords' main competitors. AdGooroo reported that at the end of 2009 Google had 81 percent of search engine advertisers, Yaho0 had about 27 percent and Microsoft had about 12 percent. Timeline 2003 Google announces new content-targeted advertising service, allowing publishers to enter Google's network of advertisers. 2005 Google releases Google Analytics, partly to help Adwords clients with their Adwords campaigns. 2000 AdWords is launched. 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2002 Google releases major AdWords overhaul that includes 2009 Google introduces beta test of interest-based advertising on partner sites and YouTube. new cost-per-click pricing. 2004 Google launches Google Advertising Professional to help AdWords clients with their campaigns. 2004 Google starts allowing advertisers to bid on a wide variety of search terms, including trademarks, in the United States and Canada. AdWords Revenues $22.8 billion $21.1 billion $16.4 billion $10,5 billion $6.1 billion $6.9 million $410.9 million $1.4 billion $3.1 billion 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 Percent of Google's revenue that Percent of Google visitors who go to the AdWords section of the site came from AdWords accounts in 2009 97% 1.1%E Percent of Google's advertising revenue that comes from ads on Google's websites The number of different languages AdWords is available in 69% The rest comes from ads on Google's network websites. 41 Number of employees Google committed to hiring at its headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan, within five years in 2006 Actual number of employees working at Google's Ann Arbor location as of fallI 2009 1,000 204 Estimated AdWords cost per click for the keyword “PPC" for the top three ad positions Estimated number of times per day an AdWords ad in the top three ad positions for the keyword "PPC" is clicked on $2.41 330-416 Percent of advertisers in a January 2009 International Advertising Association survey who believed that going forward it is important that a strong competitor to Google emerges in the online advertising market Percent of advertisers in a January 2009 International Advertising Association survey who agreed that Google controls the online advertising market and that choices and price options for online asvertisiers are limied 65% 85% Percent of advertisers in a January 2009 International Advertising Association survey who had partnered with Google, Yahoo!, or Microsoft for advertising in the previous 12 months 67. 25 19 19% Google Yahoo! Microsoft Percent increase in aggregate paid clicks on Google websites and Google's network Percent decrease in the average cost per click on Google websites and Google's websites from 2008 to 2009 network websites from 2008 to 2009 15% 7:3 Top three Google advertisers in June 2009, according to AdQuants Number of ads number 1 Google advertiser had in June 2009, according Google's average number of ads per keyword in December 2009, according to AdGooro0 to AdQuants 107,373 4.97 Amount the top 80 retail AdWords spneders spent on Adwords in December 2009 $100,000,000 The categories of retailers who spend the most on AdWords in December 2000 major retailers, online retailers, consumer electronics retailers, clothing retailers, office product and home improvement retailers Some of the most expensive keywords in December 2009 mesothelioma, buy structured settlements, asbestos law suits mesothelioma was $99.44 per click, buy structured settlements was $79.01 per click, and asbestos law suits was $78.10 per click Number of advertisers Google said it had in 2007 1,000,000 WordStream®

AdWords Facts and Figures

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This infographic provides information about Google AdWords. It first explains that Google AdWords allows businesses on Then it provides graphs and tables to show the revenue and usage of G...




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