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Why Every Marketer Needs to Care About Content Strategy

Pallavi Arunika

published on May 2, 2017 in Content Marketing

It goes without saying that in this day of age, no successful marketing program can survive without content. And each year, the competition to grab the attention of consumers gets fiercer and fiercer. But it’s not about producing as much content as your budget can afford, even if that’s what your competitors are doing.

Quality Over Quantity

The world doesn’t need any more unawesome content. With over 60% of content marketers releasing content into the wild every day, that’s a lot of content, and we all know that not all of it is high-quality and engaging.

The Content Marketing Institute released statistics revealing that when it comes to creating content, about 50% of companies don’t have a content strategy. However, 88% of them know content marketing is critical so they dedicate budget and resources towards creating and publishing even though they don’t have a plan. This kind of approach can be dangerous and undermine content marketing efforts, especially when many teams are in a constant state of needing to prove their value and map ROI to business objectives.

Marketers can no longer afford to invest in producing content in mass quantities. With the amount of volume they’re being exposed to on a daily basis, the attention span and share of mind of consumers is becoming increasingly fleeting. So, the only way for content marketers to break through this frenzy is to ensure their content is high-quality and engaging, which means providing solutions to challenges or pain points that consumers are looking to resolve. This is content that consumers are willing to seek out and share – that they want.

Content Strategy Basics

There are some fundamental basics when it comes to creating a successful content marketing program, and it all starts with a solid strategy. This is the blueprint that ensures every piece of content you produce and distribute maps back to your company goals. The strategy should include content audits, audience personas, and journey mapping, just to name a few key tools.

Creating a strategy can be a very time-consuming and overwhelming experience for any marketer, but the hard work pays off. And if you’re looking for a quick win, there are always content strategy professionals who can help you create a plan that can be quickly implemented and measured.

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