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Visualizing Big Data

Drew Skau

published on May 9, 2014 in Data

How do you visualize the concept of Big Data? How about by looking into infinity? Microsoft recently did just that in the Microsoft Infinity Room at Three Embarcadero Center in San Francisco.


The installation, designed by Roundhouse, shows viewers what insights Big Data can provide, showcasing a powerful way to use it in storytelling. This story, in particular, is about the US Quarter and the impact of the coin on the global economy.


Communicating abstract concepts can be a difficult task, but this installation does a great job of visually showing the idea of Big Data. By combining a spatial environment, material properties and display technologies, it creates a visual experience of vastness. With a storyline showing the capabilities of Big Data, it really helps to communicate what Big Data can help us do, as well as what it actually is.

Drew Skau is Visualization Architect at Visually and a PhD Computer Science Visualization student at UNCC with an undergraduate degree in Architecture. You can follow him on Twitter @SeeingStructure