Visually Blog Launches Social Network for Data Visualization | Visually Blog Launches Social Network for Data Visualization


published on July 18, 2012 in Updates

With 32,000 designers signed up on and a couple million people returning each month to explore and share infographics, the site has rapidly become the leading destination for infographics and data visualization.

But while you’ve told us you’ve enjoyed seeing what we have to offer, we’ve also heard loud and clear that there were features we could improve on. For example, while thousands of designers have created their portfolios on, it wasn’t always easy to find a particular designer once you’d discovered them and keep track of his or her work. And, many of you wanted to provide a more personalized experience when exploring infographics and visualizations.

Today, we are launching the world’s first social network for data visualization. It starts with improved profiles for our members, including aggregated metrics about the infographics you’ve shared. Your activity feed will be updated in real time and it’s the first thing you see after logging in.

If you’re a designer, you’ll appreciate the ability to share more about yourself and your work, as well as the ability to add a badge that indicates you are a certified designer.

This is the first step toward the launch of our marketplace later this year. The marketplace will provide those who need infographics with a true one-stop shopping experience for the data journalists, researchers, designers, and programmers needed to commission an infographic.

Creative talent will be able to connect with paying clients and find meaningful work, all while building their reputations through our online community.

Like most other social networks, we let you follow designers, publishers, and just plain infographics enthusiasts who just may happen to share your taste in graphics. You can also follow topics that interest you.

The community and marketplace features are key to our mission to bring infographics and data visualization to the mainstream. We want to make it even easier for everyone to participate, communicate, and collaborate.