Using Selections in D3 to Make Data-Driven Visualizations

Ian Johnson

published on February 15, 2012 in Design

D3 is a new tool for designers and programmers working on creating interactive visualizations out of large data sets.

We recently told you how to create choropleth maps in D3 with an easy, step-by-step tutorial.

In this short video, we’ll go over the basics of using selections with d3.js to make data-driven visualizations.

Interested in learning more about d3?’s next meet-up in San Francisco, The Introductory D3 Workshop for Beginners, is taking place on Thursday, February 16.  The event is booked up and the wait list is filling up quickly, but you can check back in for a live stream — or look for a recap here on our blog in a few days.

[dd3] Selections in d3.js with a simple bar chart from Ian Johnson on Vimeo.

Ian Johnson is a senior software engineer at