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The Top 5 Ways Brands Use Social Video

Stephanie Castillo

published on July 28, 2014 in Content Marketing


Micro-content is now an essential part of any social media strategy. Brands have experimented with short-form content for some time now, but with a variety of social networks becoming dependent on this type of content, the appetite has never been greater. Take a gander at our marketer’s guide to micro-content ebook to learn more.

There are many ways that brands are leveraging Vine as a piece of their marketing strategy. But despite this, most brands have not yet figured out how to include Vines within their overall strategic vision. To do that you’ll need to take a step back and consider why you are producing this type of content in the first place. What purpose does it serve? Can you use it as collateral? Will it strengthen your brand’s story and identity? Will it resonate with your audience enough to compel them to share with their networks?

Looking beyond the different approaches brands have taken to make use of social video, our team has put together a series of Vines that shows off the top five ways brands use social video.

Top 5 Ways Brands Use Social Video from visually on Vimeo.

Catch the full series on our Vine account here!

We’ve searched the depths of Vine and have rounded up the top five branded Vines that have done an amazing job in each category to show you how these five approaches to social video can be put to use.


First and foremost. Vines are meant to entertain. It’s as simple as that. Regardless if your brand is B2C or B2B, those who will be viewing your video are people and people generally want to laugh, feel inspired or understood. The quality of social video has considerably gotten better. Sure, you might be able to get way with a random cat video to make the internet go crazy, but with more tools becoming available, everyone is telling their own story. With entertaining brand social videos, you are able to speak to your audience directly and connect with them in a way that is second-nature to your audience.


Dollar Shave Club




2. Educate

As much as an audience loves being entertained, they want substance. Give them something useful and relevant that will provide a better understanding of the space your brand lives in and you’ll most likely gain their loyalty. This goes hand-in-hand with showing your audience how things are made. Lending a behind the scenes look can help build a relationship and break down walls that may prevent your brand as being transparent and relatable. Those sharing content on social media do so because they think it’s interesting and helpful, or they believe others will find it helpful. This symbiotic relationship between your brand and audience feeds the speaks to the notion of what you do matters and the more helpful you can be, the better your brand is regarded.

The Home Depot

General Electric


Washington Post


3. Tutorials

Nothing says helpful like a tutorial or a DIY hack from one of your favorite brands. Grounded in the principle of being educational, tutorials can equip your audience with practical knowledge about your brand and help them solve a problem that will eventually lead them to invest in your brand. Finding creative ways to tackle an issue your audience might not even know is an issue will make your brand valuable both in and outside of your niche.






4. Announcements

Announcements are always a great way to leverage social video. Announcements are typically a momentous occasion for your brand so pull out all the stops and have fun with it! Happiness and excitement can have a snowball effect. If you get excited, others will sense the genuine sentiment and are likely to follow your enthusiasm by sharing your content, especially if it’s visually appealing and inventive.




Dunkin’ Donuts


5. Build Hype

Like announcements, building hype with social video serves to highlight something soon-to-be, build suspense or simply taking a moment to rejoice in your brand! Even if your brand does not directly speak to consumers, building excitement with social video is the perfect time to humanize your image by pairing existing cultural references that already hold a place in your audience’s mind with nuggets of your brand’s story. Like all things social, social videos that build hype are most effective when presented in sequence, always giving your audience bits and pieces, but never the news in it’s entirety. This really teases out your message and give you the opportunity to emphasize details rather than overwhelm your audience with an unforeseen announcement.






Which social videos have recently caught your eye? Let us know below!

Stephanie Castillo is a digital marketing specialist at Visually. She has a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and History of Art and Visual Culture from University of California, Santa Cruz. Follow her on Twitter: @StephanieIvania.