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Top 5 Tutorials for Using Video in Social Media

Nate Birt

published on November 16, 2015 in Design

If you think of the Internet as a giant school, video represents the ultimate classroom experience. That’s especially true for content marketers, who are constantly trying to stay abreast of the latest trends in social media marketing. Tutorial videos offer a better opportunity to get past jargon and high level advice (#hashtags!) to see how things really work.

Yet when it comes to finding videos that teach us how to do social media better, what seems to be a simple task becomes challenging. Which platform should you use (OK, so we’ve got the answer to that one)? If you’ve ever searched for something on YouTube, you know it’s like searching for a diamond in a sea of sneakers. There’s a lot of content out there that, frankly, wouldn’t make an acceptable show-and-tell project.

That’s why we pulled together some tutorials that will actually teach you something—or get you thinking in the right direction—about using video in social media. And given that The New York Times recently began collaborating with brands to bring virtual reality video to subscribers, it’s high time you stepped up your video game.

Behold, the power of delegation

Entrepreneur put together this nifty little video reminding business leaders (that means you, content managers) to expedite social media use by learning what works and delegate execution to your team. Schedule time to create and post video content, and ensure you’re set up to get notifications when your audience interacts with you. Basic reminders such as these will keep you from going crazy in content marketing, of which social media is just a subset.

Build your subscriber base outside of social

Seriously, don’t become wholly dependent on whatever social media video platform you use. You should use video to help build your email subscriber list, blog traffic and Facebook audience, say Sean Cannell and Benji Travis of Video Influencers, a YouTube channel dedicated to social video mastery. This video has some great reminders about the value of including calls-to-action in clips that get your fans to connect with your brand through multiple touchpoints.

Literally get academic to get better

We don’t normally advocate giving your content team blanket free reign while you hunker down in your office with video. Yet occasionally, spending a little time at the virtual whiteboard can yield some positive returns. Such is the case with this 38-minute video from associate professor James Richardson of the CUNY School of Professional Studies.

The presentation is a slideshow with audio—sorry, no babies or cats—but the format is helpful for note taking because his slides are packed with good reminders about the importance of developing and honing your video strategy; evaluating your budget before getting started on video creation; and practicing interview skills so the people you feature actually say something worth watching.

Link up

Kissmetrics reminds us in this video post about the power of doing a link audit to ensure social media channels are making information about your website and digital presence easy to access. You’ll find many of the tips in this video are specific to platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, but the bottom line is these practices are universal. Post links prominently on your brand’s social pages, find ways to incorporate customer testimonials into your video stream and interact with people who post comments on your videos and other channels.

Make it fun

Nothing reminds us of the ephemeral nature of the social world we live in than Snapchat (and this video with Mark Cuban, in which he basically says nothing is ephemeral and everything you say online can and will be used against you by evil and manipulative people in the future. We’re trying not to think about it.) But back to Snapchat. This video is great because it unlocks some of the hidden features of a buzzed-about platform that’s known to prompt raised eyebrows in anyone over age 30.

Those tricks include unlocking a hidden color palette, creating more space to type text to your audience, recording unlimited video and more. Use it to make your foray into ephemeral video marketing a little more palatable, or simply ignore it and stick to platforms you know.

We could share more videos and best practices about video content marketing, but you get the idea: The web is a treasure trove of good reminders and new tricks for social media video if you dig for it. You might even get a little extra credit. And feel free to click here to watch some of the best videos Visually has helped brands create.

Nate Birt is a multimedia journalist, social media enthusiast and copy editor with experience at a variety of print and digital publications, and a Contributing Editor to the Visually Blog. Follow him on Twitter at @natebirt.