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What’s In a Pumpkin Pie? These Pumpkin Pie Charts Tell All

Aleksandra Todorova

published on November 7, 2013 in Data

It’s become a tradition here at Visually to carve a pumpkin for Halloween — and then turn it into pie.

Last year’s pumpkin bore our company logo — and before we cooked it up into delicious pies, made entirely from scratch, we made sure to visualize all ingredients. We called them pumpkin pie charts.

This year, we wanted to take things a step further. We started with carving into our pumpkin an actual graphic visualizing pumpkin cost per pound over the past three years. Pumpkinfographic, anyone?

by amccartney.

Next up: turning the pumpkinfographic into pies. We used the exact same recipes as last year for both the crust and the filling. We doubled the ingredients for the filling, planning to make two pies, but – likely because the single-use pie plates we used this year were 1/4 of an inch smaller in circumference than the reusable glass plates used last year? – we ended up with just enough filling for three pies.

(Notice the slightly lumpy appearance of the filling… the Visually pumpkin this year had a spaghetti-squash-like, stringy texture, not the puree we are used to getting from sugar pumpkins. FYI: for pumpkin pie, small, sugar pumpkins are best!)

But once the pies found themselves in the Visually office, it became clear we might have trouble keeping them whole while we crunched some numbers to visualize!

So what did we want to visualize? Why, the pumpkin pies themselves! We carefully entered each ingredient’s nutritional information in a spreadsheet (calories, and grams of fat, carbs and protein), then added up the numbers and calculated their respective percentages. Our data looked like this:

And the end result: three pumpkin pie charts visualizing nutritional mass, percentage of calories from each ingredient, and taste:

Pumpkin Pie Charts
by visually.

Indeed: in a pumpkin pie, only 3% of the calories come from the pumpkin. And that doesn’t even include the whipped cream.

Happy pumpkin pie season!