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How Mobile Content Can Make Your Whole Strategy Go

Elliott Brown

published on December 9, 2015 in Content Marketing

Your data visualization might be intricate, elaborate, clever and well-designed, but if it’s not mobile-compatible you could lose half of your audience. With mobile audiences hitting 50% mark for many publishers, it means designers can’t neglect smartphones, tablets and other portable gear.

“Know your audience’s preferences,” when crafting visual content says our CEO Matt Cooper in an article for the Content Marketing Institute. He goes on to offer a few stats and suggestions for making content more accessible without losing its oomph.

Here’s a snippet:

We recently surveyed consumers about their device preferences for content. What we heard from these 664 survey respondents is that they prefer to consume content on mobile devices that’s presented simply – straight text or snackable micro content.

While mobile traffic is approaching 50% for a lot of publishers, that’s not true for everyone. Look at your analytics to see where your traffic originates and deliver content based on your mobile traffic. Responsive design – making sure images are sized properly for viewing device and ensuring speedy load times – must be a priority or you could alienate the audience you work so hard to get to your site.

Which content people prefer on different devices

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