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Marketing to Traditionalists [Infographic]

Sarah Corley

published on March 2, 2016 in Content Marketing

As marketers look at the American population, there are four living generations for them to address. This four-infographic series is designed to give a quick glimpse into what makes each of these generations tick.

Traditionalists are the parents of Baby Boomers, grandparents of Generation X, and the great grandparents of Millennials. Here’s what marketers need to know about them:

Marketing to Traditionalists Blog

Traditionalists have lived through many defining moments in American history.

They have persevered through at least one World War and the Great Depression, and they kept their nose to the grindstone to build America into a superpower. They are loyal, dependable, and thorough. This generation responds better to more traditional marketing strategies and face-to-face meetings. They believe that authority is based on seniority and tenure, and want to be respected for their age and experience. They place value on traditions and history. Traditionalists appreciate clearly defined rules and policies. Quite often, their word is their bond.

A message that’ll motivate Traditionalists: Your experience is respected.

Sarah Corley is a marketing specialist at the WSOL agency where she works with clients to deliver stellar results via social media strategy. She has Bachelor of Science degrees in graphic design, journalism and public relations. Professionally trained in singing and dancing, Sarah also enjoys creating mixed media art, cooking, and collecting Pantone Universe accessories.