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Marketing to Generation X [Infographic]

Sarah Corley

published on January 13, 2016 in Content Marketing

America has four living generations that marketers may be called upon to address. Each poses its own opportunities and challenges, but this four-part series of infographics is designed to create a point of entry to understand a little more about Millennials, Gen X, Baby Boomers, and Traditionalists.

Here’s what marketers need to know about Generation X:
Marketing towards Gen Xers Blog

Though they once had the reputation of being slackers, Generation X is now technologically savvy and is responsible for founding companies such as Google, YouTube, and Amazon. According to MetLife’s Demographic Profile of America’s Gen X, creating familial stability is very important to Gen Xers. They desire to save money, own a home and have a clear work/life balance. Clear communication on value — and a little humor — will resonate with this generation, since they tend to be results-oriented, skeptical, and careful with their time.

A message that’ll motivate Generation Xers: Forget the rules, do it your way.

Sarah Corley is a marketing specialist at the WSOL agency where she works with clients to deliver stellar results via social media strategy. She has Bachelor of Science degrees in graphic design, journalism and public relations. Professionally trained in singing and dancing, Sarah also enjoys creating mixed media art, cooking, and collecting Pantone Universe accessories.