Introducing Visually’s New Logo



Over the past 5 years, Visually has revolutionized how 1100+ brands think about and produce visual content. What started as a free infographic creation tool evolved into one of the largest content sharing communities in the world, and from that we built a platform that helps top brands work with amazing creative talent to create content.

Our business has changed, so we thought it was time to take a fresh look at our brand, updating it to match the next phase of Visually and our core brand elements.The way we look at it, there are three key tenets of the Visually brand persona:

Creativity is at the core of who we are. Day in day out we live and breathe creativity. Our customers are attracted to us for the thousands of creative professionals we work with and the beautiful, innovative, compelling content we produce.

Uniqueness. The word unique is often misused, but we use it deliberately here, because we really believe no one else is like us. Our model is unique. The content we create (and the way we’re able to do it fast and affordably) is unmatched. The ability to bring manage over 1000 freelancers and get great work from them is unique. The list could go on and on!

Yet we are very approachable – we want to democratize design and bring engaging visual content to every business. Our platform and process make the ideation and creation easy, and collaboration with your creative team seamless.

To create a logo that demonstrates these values (and just plain looks cool), our senior brand designer Eddie Shrake collaborated with Agent Illustrateur, one of our freelance designers on the Visually platform. Eddie and Agent Illustrateur did an incredible job to bring together these brand traits. The logo used origami as a playful influence to represent our creative side. It used a mix of flat colors and gradients to show we’re unlike anyone else. And the wordmark uses a clean, pragmatic and approachable design.

In this excellent post Eddie describes how they approached the challenge of building out the new logo.

We hope you like our new logo and looking forward to hearing your feedback!

Ural Cebeci is the VP of Marketing at Visually. Follow him on Twitter.

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