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Introducing Company Workspace: A Faster and Easier Way to Create Great Content


published on November 9, 2015 in Updates

Creating visual content can be hard. You’ve got to brief your creative team, loop in other stakeholders, work through feedback and iterations, watch out for version control issues, nail the branding, and keep your audience in mind the whole time. But we think there’s an easier way! A big part of our success has come from making content creation as efficient and painless as possible.

Today, we’re building on that success with the launch of Company Workspace. Now anyone with a Visually Pro plan can produce consistently excellent content across their whole organization by managing all their company’s Visually projects in one place.
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Why we created Company Workspace

According to our recent survey, more than 60% of marketers and creatives struggle with poor communication and ill-defined creative briefs. These issues slow the content creation process, reduce the output of creative teams, and leave only 37% of marketers “very satisfied” with the content they receive.

We work with over 1100 top brands and 40% of the Fortune 100, so we have a lot of visibility into the way people collaborate. We developed Workspaces as a better way for our customers to see everything that’s going on within their organizations, to share brand guidelines and assets, and to make sure their creative teams are always up to speed.

What is a Company Workspace?

Viewed most simply, a Company Workspace lets anyone within a given company see all of that company’s Visually projects. Workspaces are available to anyone with a Visually Pro plan, which means subscribers get to:

  • Collaborate with ease. Improve company-wide visibility, share style and brand rules, and get admin control over your users.
  • Get high quality content, always on brand. Work with a set creative team for all your projects.
  • Bring concepts to life, fast. Creative talent is always ready to launch. Clone existing projects to save time.
  • Get more from their budget. Save 5% on rate card pricing, and work with a dedicated Customer Success Manager.


How is a Company Workspace different?

Anyone who creates content with Visually uses a Personal Workspace already. That space makes it fast and easy to manage your own projects, but gives no visibility into other projects within your company or shared brand assets. There’s also no guarantee you’ll be working with a set creative team for every project, and you won’t get the added benefits of a dedicated Customer Success Manager or discounted pricing.

What is a Pro plan?

Visually Pro plans are our new annual subscription for companies who create visual content several times per year. The only way to get Company Workspaces is to sign up for a Pro plan, which also gives you access to a set pool of creative talent that knows your brand, and a dedicated Customer Success Manager to help with onboarding, kickoffs, and any snags along the way.

Now go create some awesome content!

As we build out our product, we’re always looking for ways to help you do your job better. We can’t wait to hear your feedback–and to see the content you create!

If you want to learn more about how we can help you produce high impact content scalably, schedule a demo to take Workspace for a spin!