Infographic Creation Made Easy with Create

Today marks an important milestone for the release of our tools for automatic infographic creation. Our team has made hundreds of infographics, so we know how hard it can be to find the data, do the necessary research, and make sure you are following the principles of good data visualization, while still coming up with a design that people will want to hang on their wall and spread through the interwebs.

That’s why we’ve built data feeds into a number of infographic designs, created for you by our team of expert designers. Making an infographic, based on your own data, couldn’t be easier. Simply connect and click to produce a professional-looking  infographic. If you don’t like the first design you try, click though the themes until you find one that you do like.

We are social creatures, so we thought it only natural to start with Twitter and Facebook. Using feeds from our partners at Infochimps, PeopleBrowsr, and, we’ve enabled you to create infographics that track and measure you or your brand’s performance in social media.
For example, take a look at this Twitter showdown between Kanye and Taylor Swift.

Another reason was our launch at the SXSW Festival, a place where many new stories are being told. As new products, services, and memes appear, we hope Create will help you follow the news about them. And speaking of social creatures, Dr.’s Automagical Facebook Monsterizer will be sure to bring out your inner demon. So take a break from tracking metrics and make a monster.

But this is just the beginning. Create will grow over time to include additional data feeds, designs, stories, and themes in the areas of sports, politics, economics, food, and more. We’ll even be opening it up to the community, so that you can create your own designs and themes. That’s when things get interesting.

Once you’ve created an infographic with Create, we hope you’ll share it with the community by posting to your profile or sharing with your friends on social networks.

Let us know what you’d like to see in Create. And start creating.

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