Increase Your Reach By Expanding Your Visual Content Library

So you’ve got a blog and you’re posting on a regular schedule. That’s a great start. But your content strategy needs to go beyond the blog if you truly want to succeed in content marketing. In this post, we’re going to look at how visual content can help you get more exposure for your brand.

Why You Should Go Beyond Text

While people can learn through different means, everyone has a preference to specific learning modalities. Those who are auditory and visual learners will not be satisfied by text alone, and when given the chance to read your blog post or watch a video by your competitor, they will choose the latter.

In addition to appealing to different learning styles, visual content gives you additional ways to get your message across. Flexibility is a good thing when it comes to content marketing. For example, in addition to posting the content on your own site, you can create embed codes for people to use to share your infographics or videos on their websites.

Visual Content Distribution Channels

To expand your reach with visual content, you need to distribute it to channels beyond your own website’s content library. Here are six places to start.


Over 1 billion unique users visit YouTube every month and watch over 6 billion hours of video, according to their press statistics. This makes it the third most popular website in the world right after Google and Facebook. You have the option of uploading your video content to your YouTube channel for searchers to discover, or using your video content to reach a larger audiences through YouTube advertising in the form of pre-roll ads.

Best of all, your YouTube videos have a shot at ranking in search results when optimized properly. For example, people who need to learn how to change a flat tire may skip the written instructions and go straight for one of the two video tutorials from YouTube.


The two videos have received 582k and 282k views respectively, proving that even seven-year-old video content is quite valuable. Learn more on how to create valuable video content in’s free The Ultimate Video Playbook.


For the distribution of presentations, you can’t beat SlideShare. The network receives 215 million pageviews from 60 million unique visitors per month, according to their about page. Some of the top business-related presentations have received over 1 million views, including ones on time management, Netflix culture, and brain rules for presenters.


One perk for SlideShare premium users is the ability to add a lead generation form to their presentations. This way, when people view your presentation on SlideShare or any website it has been embedded upon, they can go from presentation viewer to lead in an instant.


Pinterest, the popular image and now video sharing network, had over 70 million users as of July of 2013, according to a study by Semiocast. After Facebook, it is also the strongest social network for driving traffic to a website, according to Shareaholic.


As you can see from a portion of the top pins of 2014, topics vary widely, from animals to women’s fashion. Especially if you are a retailer, having visual content to share on Pinterest is an absolute must.

Other Blogs

Since the majority of blog content created by others is text based, you can widen your net by producing the kind of site-enhancing visual content they need. For example, if one of your brand attributes is that you are eco-friendly, you might make an infographic on how electric cars work and offer it up to all of the automotive blogs online for free. Simply put a plan in place to perform blogger outreach each time you create a great piece of visual content. You can even be pro-active by looking for blogs that could use supplementary visual content to go along with their text, or those that curate visual content from other sources.


You never know when your blog outreach for an infographic will turn into a major hit, as in the above example. The infographic originally created by Online Paralegal Programs was shared by The Blaze, resulting in 92k social shares!

As you can see, visual content appeals to larger audiences and gives you a chance to reach more people beyond your website. To get started with the largest visual content network – YouTube – be sure to download The Ultimate Video Playbook.

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