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Explainer Videos: 5 Killer Examples from Lyft, Amazon and Other Brands Who Nailed it

Lisa Hoover McGreevy

published on June 20, 2014 in Video

Quick. Would you rather wade through a 900-word explanation of a new concept or watch a 30-second video about it? If you said video, you’re not alone. According to the 2014 Online Video Production Survey Report recently released by communications firm Flimp Media, “81 percent of companies are producing video content for their website(s).” The purpose of those videos is typically to introduce visitors to the company’s business or products. We often call them “explainer videos.”

Explainer videos are a hot trend in visual content because they appeal to people’s desire to ingest information quickly and efficiently. If you’re ready to tackle explainer videos for your business, first take a look at these five fantastic examples for some ideas you can use.

Lyft: What is Lyft?


Why it’s great: It would take most people a lot of convincing to download a smartphone app, enter their address, and have a total stranger show up to give them a ride somewhere in their personal vehicle. The Lyft car service explains their product in an approachable video that positions the service as a way to make new friends and bring people together. Filled with bright drawings of smiling passengers and pink mustaches, it sends the message that getting a ride from someone you’ve never met is safe and fun. And nothing like hitchhiking.

Amazon: Introduction to Wearables


Why it’s great: It’s hard to identify with something that didn’t exist a few years or even a few months ago. Amazon put together a clever video that shows rather than tells how wearable tech can help the average consumer with everything from fitness to finding lost items. Amazon also packed details of how wearables connect with items you probably already own, like cameras and smartphones into this brief one-minute video. It even features the obligatory cute dog.

Trunk Club: Welcome to Trunk Club


Why it’s great: This men’s outfitting service created a smart video that demonstrates how Trunk Club works without talking down to customers or making them feel as if they can’t shop or assemble outfits for themselves. It explains how the service works while underscoring the personal touches they offer. The video provides a great visual representation of what shoppers can expect from their Trunk Club experience, right down to handwritten notes from personal shoppers.

Songza: Welcome to Songza 3.0


Why it’s great: No matter how great a smartphone app is, there’s no getting around the learning curve of figuring out where all the bells, whistles and buttons are hiding. Songza’s video hits the highlights of its most exciting features by showing exactly what users will see on their screen as they choose or create playlists. Customers can have the app up and running in a little over a minute, about the time it takes to download it in the first place.

T-Mobile: Welcome to Contract Freedom


Why it’s great: This video is built like a blockbuster movie trailer. Punchy text pops into view over a slow, meaningful background score. Suddenly the visuals begin to fly by as the music builds to a crescendo. By the time it ends, you’re nearly convinced a superhero will personally deliver your new phone. This video succinctly explains the benefits of switching carriers in a more engaging way than a wall of text ever could.