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How to Create and Manage Showstopping, Effective Sales Collateral


published on June 19, 2015 in Content Marketing

Content marketing is the leading focus for marketers in 2015. Nevertheless, content isn’t only for marketing purposes. After all, once your customer has done their research, consumed your brand’s marketing content, and has decided that your solution just might be the one to solve their pain points, your sales team needs to provide them with the content and knowledge to continue engagement and answer all questions.

49% of organizations say they use sales lead quality to assess content marketing success. This is to say that, the final stages of a customer’s journey into your sales cycle is critical in measuring the effectiveness of your overall content strategy. You want to equip your customer with the best content when they are speaking with a sales rep to help them create new possibilities, as well as inspire them with innovative content.

Depending on your budget, bandwidth, or available resources, creating and managing sales content may not be the easiest or seamless process. These humps can render your content to become ineffective. To feed the content machine, one must think about the ways in which content is actionable, findable, engaging, trackable and recyclable. Wondering what this all means?

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