Visually Blog How to Create Compelling eBooks

How to Create Compelling eBooks


published on March 2, 2015 in Content Marketing


Have great ideas but are unsure how to package them as effective content marketing? Blogs are great for short takes on topics your readers love, but some ideas are so rich they deserve a more in-depth treatment.

That’s where eBooks come in.

eBooks are perfect for content that’s too long for a blog post, but too short for a whitepaper. When done right, eBooks can bring in new quality leads, showcase a staff’s writing and design chops, and position brands as thought leaders. In today’s collaborative economy, sharing what you know is a perfect way to show how your brand is best.

But like anything, poorly-made eBooks can be a bust, so make sure you spend your time and talents wisely.

At Visually, some of the best sales-qualified leads and largest opportunities come from our ebook content – and using the following techniques, we increased that figure by over 400 percent over a five-month time period.

To help brands get started creating their first quality eBook — or even just improving the eBook practice that already have — Visually has created an eBook guide to eBooks (yes, it’s pretty meta). It includes lessons learned from experience creating eBooks, including the best strategy for maximizing impact, design and writing ideas to keep readers “turning” the page, and a checklist for distributing the eBook in all the right places.

Up your eBook content marketing game by downloading “How to Create Compelling eBooks”, then be sure to share it with friends and colleagues.