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Contest Winners: The State of Education in Colorado


published on January 30, 2013 in Data

In December, we announced a visualization competition with Colorado Succeeds. The competition is finally over, and the judging results are in. The participation in this contest was fantastic, and the performance of the entrants was phenomenal! Narrowing down to just three winners was a very difficult job, and choosing first place out of those was even more difficult.

Without further delay, here are the winners!

In third place, winning $500, is Henry Zhu with Colorado Schools: Filter. The entry uses great filtering techniques, showing histograms for every field. The map shows geographic distribution of the filtered schools.

In second place, winning $1,000 is Matthew Kielo with The Geography of Education. He did a great analysis, distilling out useful information that shows patterns in the data. His mapping technique of perturbing the points for schools so that they are all visible was great. This allows a viewer to see the geographic patterns and clustering, rather than a bunch of points all stuck together on the map.

First place, winning a whopping $3,500, goes to Chris J Frias for An Analysis of School Performance in Colorado. Chris did a great job with the analysis, breaking it down into simple steps and taking the viewer along the way. There’s a good story flow to the piece, and the visualizations do a great job of making each point. The design could be improved, but the content is very good.

These were far from the only three entries worth mentioning though. Here’s two more that were so good, we just had to show them off.

Pau Cuervo from Elkano Data went all out, producing an Interactive Visualization, Motion Graphic, and Static Infographic explaining the issues and data extremely well. The work is fantastic, and to do so much in a short time shows true skills. For an extra kick, their static infographic is actually an animated GIF! (Elkano Data can be hired on the Visually Marketplace).

Dana Stright’s Grading Our Schools was also a notable submission. She went far beyond the scope of the existing data, pulling in national and global statistics to put Colorado’s performance into context.

There were too many great submissions to mention them all here though. You can check out the rest of them over on Kaggle. The results of the competition were great, and they really helped Colorado Succeeds to learn about the performance of schools in Colorado.