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Our Top Five Content Marketing Hub Examples

Pallavi Arunika

published on June 11, 2017 in Content Marketing


Visual content has become so common that it’s no longer just a piece of the marketing industry, but the very core. The easily consumable and portable nature of content makes it crucial in the best digital marketing strategies. Companies should focus on quality content that attracts new customers, and also remind current ones why they bought into the brand in the first place. It’s all about reaching the people that count, rather than counting the people you reach.

Here are our top five content marketing hub examples from leading companies that are winning with content.

IBM THINK Marketing

THINK Marketing delivers news and thought leadership content powered by IBM’s very own Watson, a supercomputer that combines AI and analytical software for optimal performance. The computing system is the brains behind the website as it is able to analyze what users are reading and how they engage with the site, while generating personalized content.



Intel iQ

Launched in the US back in 2012, IQ is a tech culture magazine that provides insight on the cutting-edge technologies Intel uses to change the world. Attracting millions of unique visitors, IQ goes beyond measuring traffic by placing a focus on conversions, further ensuring that they engage and retain their audience.



GE Reports

The daily news and media hub covering different aspects of GE’s innovation and digital transformation. GE Reports has been a great success for the last nine years, and continues to be a great example of content marketing. The company finds creative ways to deliver content in multiple forms of media, including its podcast and YouTube channels.




With the unexpected success from the company’s blog Line//Shape//Space back in 2013, the company re-branded and launched a new content hub called Redshift. This time, Autodesk is looking to scale as it targets different personas using features to help recommend articles based on reader habits and preferences.



CMO by Adobe

Delivering insights and inspiration for marketing professionals, Adobe has been considered a content marketing leader for many years. After acquiring the domain, the company launched their digital publication aiming to help marketers stay informed and get inspired. CMO offers a wide range of content including interviews, news, and data-driven research/insights.


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