Youporn 2012: Big Numbers, Hard Facts.

Youporn 2012:


Total 2012 Traffic

4,851,384,493 visits (worldwide)
8.34 pages per visit
10:22 average duration

Top Countries

USA 1,045,241,373 visits
Germany 575,514,420 visits
France 400,127,101 visits
Italy 391,475,719 visits
UK 248,211,766 visits
Canada 171,110,029 visits

Top Cities Worldwide

New York City
Mexico City

Top U.S. Cities* (Video Views Per Capita)
* with a population over 1 million

Boston, MA 8.62 25,435,524 visits
Raleigh, NC 7.6 8,844,569 visits
San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose, CA 7.51 32,577,685 visits
Hartford, CT 7.25 8,787,275 visits
Cleveland, OH 5.44 11,250,814 visits
Orlando, FL 5.29 11,300,490 visits
Salt Lake City, UT 5.21 5,974,207 visits
Denver, CO 5.1 13,270,368 visits

Top U.S. City Metro Areas

New York 73,597,084 visits
HOLLY PORN! Los Angeles 53,162,382
San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose 32,577,685 visits
Chicago 30,002,322 visits
I'm on a boat Boston 25,435,524 visits
We the people love porn Philadelphia 24,706,082 visits
Washington, DC 23,714,958 visits
Dallas/Fort Worth 17,722,095 visits
Atlanta 17,385,160 visits
Seattle/Tacoma 16,930,336 visits

Top Celebrity Searches

Kim Kardashian
Sara Tommasi
Paris Hilton
Pamela Anderson
Megan Fox
Hulk Hogan

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Youporn 2012: Big Numbers, Hard Facts.

shared by mikew on Jan 20, 2013 in Love and Sex

Youporn 2012: Big Numbers, Hard Facts.

shared by mikew on Jan 20, 2013 in Love and Sex


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Youporn.com's year end statistics for 2012. Don't bother looking for the Hulk Hogan sex tape...it's just...gross.
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