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Why You Should Care About Your Chair

Why You Should Care About Your Chair

Ergonomic Offic Chairs

You work on average

8 hours a day

5 days a week

48 weeks a year

On average you sit at your desk

5 hours a day

1,200 hours a year

To put it simply

1,200 hours is equal to 50 days and nights sitting down

32% of the population spend more than 10 hours a day seated

66% of European office workers have suffered ailments as a result of working at a computer.

56% of BCA chiropractors highlighted that office workers are more than likely to suffer back pain.

Badly set up workstations cost companies more than 7 billion a year in sick pay

People who work in offices are the most likely to suffer from pack pain

The Solution

People who work in offices are the most likely to suffer from back pain

Key Features


Should be adjustable and will allow you to rest your arms, elbows and shoulders in a comforting manner.

Width and Depth

Should be wide and deep enough to accommodate all shapes and sizes.


Allows you to move around your area freely.


Should be easy to adjust, feet should be flat on the floor, with thighs parallel to the ground.

Back & Lumbar Support

The backrest should be adjustable allowing you to easily move forwards and backwards. Adjustability will allow the lumbar support to change according to the users height and weight.

The Benefits

Enhance people's wellbeing

Improved efficiency

Increase productivity

Reduce health issues

Why You Should Care About Your Chair

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All about ergonomics in the workplace and the benefits of ergonomic office chairs- information for National Ergonomics Month
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