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Which Profession Drinks the Most Coffee

Which profession


the most coffee?

Top 15 heaviest coffee drinkers

1 Scientist/Lab Technician

2 Marketing/PR Professional

3 Education Administrator

4 Editor/Writer

5 Healthcare Administrator

6 Physician

7 Food Preparer

8 Professor

9 Social Worker

10 Financial Professional

11 Personal Caretaker

12 Human Resources Benefits Coordinator

13 Nurse

14 Government Professional

15 Skilled Tradesperson

Coffee consumption trends in the workplace


of all U.S. workers claims

that they are less productive

without coffee.


of the workers who need coffee

to get through their day drinks

2 cups or more each day.


admits to needing coffee while

on the job in the Northeast

where the workday coffee

ritual is the strongest.





are most likely to add flavor to their


Human resources



Personal caretakers

are most likely to enjoy

their coffee with cream

and sugar.



Hotel workers

are most likely to take

their coffee black.

Created by http://ilovecoffee.jp

Which Profession Drinks the Most Coffee

shared by Skipperoo on Oct 08, 2012 in Lifestyle

Which Profession Drinks the Most Coffee

shared by Skipperoo on Oct 08, 2012 in Lifestyle


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Shows the top 15 jobs where people drink coffee. Breakdowns by cups and how people drink it with.
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