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What's Your Mattress Made Of?

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What's Your Mattress Made Of?

Have you ever wondered what exactly goes into the mattress you sleep on every night? Does your investment support your back properly? What kind of padding sits between you and metal coins? Learn about the ins and outs of a mattress to determine if you are sleeping soundly at night.

Mattress History

Neolithic Period:

The mattress is invented;it consists of leaves,grass, and straw. Animal skins are placed over it as binding.Beds are invented to raise mattresses off the ground,which helps to avoid drafts,dirt,and pests.

3600 B.C.:

The first waterbed is invented in Persia;people begin filling goatskins with water for bed support.

200 B.C.:

In Ancient Rome,mattresses distinguish classes: peasants sleep on mattresses of reeds,hay, or wool, while the upper class sleep on mattresses of feathers.

Early 1700's:

For the first time in history,mattresses are stuffed with wool or cotton for more comfort.By the mid 18th century,quality linen and cotton mattresses covers become common, and mattresses design improves, reshaping like a box with stitched edges and a tufted or buttoned top.

Late 1800's:

Matresses are made less lumpy with the invention of the box spring.


Innerspring, encased coil spring, foam-rubber mattresses, and air beds, are invented and available for consumer purchase. Mattresses are beginning to use artificial fillers to aid comfort and design.


Adjustable beds gain popularly,while the modern waterbed gains immediate popularity, and enters homes around the United States. NASA invents a comfortable material for the purpose of cushioning astronauts during take off, which would later become memory foam.


Italian manufacturer Magniflex,produced temperature moderating mattresses from Eco Green memory foam, a -plant-based material that reacts to body weight. These help temperature-sensitive sleepers through the seasons.

Mattress Breakdown

Cover Quilted with Cotton & Canvas

Cotton Backing Fabric

Inner Coils

Wool Fiber Padding

Spring Systems

Open Coil Mattress

Pocket Spring Mattress

Types of Mattresses


Softest layer made of 2-3 lb memory foam

Thinner,harder foam layers

Regular density foam

Hardest foam layer;supports mattress base

(Average price: $1,800.00)

Many brands of memory foam contain Visco Elastic Memory Foam, which is both popular and affordable.

Latex foam has a higher resiliency than memory foam:it feels springier and pushes back against your body.


Convoluted Foam

(Average price:$400.00)

Futon covers are used to protect the mattress, and are easy to change.

Futon mattresses are made of convoluted foam in a standard egg pattern.


Rows of springs act as the base support

Outer quilting made of cotton & fabric blend

(Average price:$500.00)

Innerspring mattresses are all very similar.

Mattresses don't cause pain;it usually begins with an individual, and how they're built.

Extras, like quilting and no-flip design, are n't necessary.A good warranty is a good investment,especially during the first month of purchase.

Mattresses don't cause back pain;it usually begins with an individual, and how they're built.

Coil counts don't equal more comfort;every manufacturers uses different designs, which achieve the same results.

Facts & Information

Size Comparison

Twin 39" x 75"


54" x 75"


60" x 80"


76" x 80"

California King

72" x 84"

In about 10 years, your mattress can gain up to 20 extra lbs.* It is recommended to replace your mattress every 5-7 yrs.

Due to oil,sweat, dead skin cells, dust mites, and their debris.

Sleep problems are one of the most common complaints people go to the doctor with.

1/3 of your life is spent sleeping on a mattress.



A comfortable bed will give you around one hour's extra sleep a night.

What's Your Mattress Made Of?

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Have you ever wondered what exactly goes into the mattress you sleep on every night? Does your investment support you back properly? What kind of padding sits between you and metal coils? Learn about ...
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