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What's the Biggest City in the USA?

THE 20 BIGGEST cities in the United States might not be what you think but it also depends on what "biggest" means to you

64123 10 17 13 9 19 7 16 15 11 8 18 5 20 12 14 5

#1 SITKA AK 2.870m2 #2JUNEAU AK 2.702m2 #3WRANGEL AK 2.541m2


#7 OKLAHOMA CITY OK 606m2 #8 HOUSTON TX 600m2 #9 PHOENIX AZ 517m2 #10 LOSANGELES 469m2 CA #11 SAN ANTONIO TX 461m2 #12 SUFFOLK VA 400m2 #13 BUCKEYE AZ 375m2 #14 CHESAPEAKE VA 341m2 #15 DALLAS TX 341m2 #16 FORTWORTH TX 340m2 #17 SAN DIEGO CA 325m2 #18 MEMPHIS TN 315m2 #19 KANSAS CITY MO 315m2 #20 NEW YORK NY 303m2

In this case, "cities" refers to U.S.Census Bureau places described as Functional Status A: Active government providing primary general-purpose functions.

www.census.gov/geo/www/2010 census/gtc/gtc-area-attr.html

Geographic area is derived from and ranked by the Area Land attribute of the U.S Census Bureau's 2010 Shapefile of Places.


Never heard of some of these? It could be a consolidated city. I had to look it up...


These cities are presented in the Albers Equal Area map Projection-which does an alright job of preserving relative size-a good fit for this illustration.

Also, it's true-things in Alaska and Texas are just big.

More fun stuff at uxblog.idvsolutions.com

2012 John Nelson, IDV Solutions

What's the Biggest City in the USA?

shared by johnmnelson on Feb 15, 2012 in Geography

What's the Biggest City in the USA?

shared by johnmnelson on Feb 15, 2012 in Geography


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Bet you didn't guess, "Sitka, Alaska." What does "big" mean, anyway? Thinking of scale in terms of city size often railroads us right into population. But when it comes to defining borders, some "l...
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