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What you'll be doing in Copenhagen


The only map you wii ever need

Here are 9 things you'll be doing in Copenhagen

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1. MEET. Instagramming from stroget, Europe's longest pedestrian shopping district, where you just snapped a photo of you and the star from the Danish TV series The Killing.

2. EAT. Understanding why bacon goes so well with everything(Though perhaps you already new that one?)

3. CHILL. Taking a day to enjoy the sandy beaches(Yes, Denmark has beaches and they start right outside Copenhagen !), and the cleanest ocean in the EU.

4. LISTEN. Listening jazz and be totally OK with it.(Copenhagen is one of the jazz capitals in the world, and here it's actually cool.)

5. DRINK. Coming to appreciate that the two only Danish words you ever need to know are 'mere ol'(more beer).

6. SHOP. Living out the Danish style dream of looking amazing wearing only black, white and gray.

7. SAMPLE. Trying new nNordic cuisine in its liquid form--inventive cocktails with unusual ingredients.

8. HYGGE. Hanging out in cafes drinking pour-over coffee, wondering how you can bring cozy Danish hygge back to the West Coast.

9. MARVEL. Seeing how everything can be so well designed. It's unfair.


What you'll be doing in Copenhagen

shared by SilentD on Apr 16, 2013 in Travel

What you'll be doing in Copenhagen

shared by SilentD on Apr 16, 2013 in Travel


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Meet, eat, chill, listen, taste, sample, drink, shop, instagram & hygge - there's plenty to do in Copenhagen
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