What Does Your College Major Say About Your IQ?


= average IQ of major

107 Administration

109 Evaluation & Research

Public Administration

110 Accounting

111 Health & Medical Sciences

Curriculum & Instruction

Business Administration & Management

113 Psychology

114 Business

Other Business

Life Sciences

115 Agriculture

117 Other Natural Sciences

Library & Archival Sciences

118 Architecture

119 Anthropology & Archeology

120 Political Science

130 Barack Obama, IQ 130

121 Biological Sciences

Earth, Atmosphere, & Mar. Science

123 Industrial Engineering

124 Civil Engineering

Computer & Informational Science


125 Physical Sciences

Banking & Finance

126 Electrical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering

128 Other Engineering

Chemical Engineering


135 Arnold Schwarzenegger, IQ 135

129 Material Engineering

130 Mathematical Sciences

133 Physics & Astronomy

160 Albert Einstein, IQ 160

104 Material Engineering

106 Special

Home Economics

108 Elementary

114 Sociology

Performance & Studio Arts

115 Social Sciences

119 Foreign Languages & Literature

120 Humanities & Arts

English Language & literature

132 Jodie Foster, IQ 132

124 Other Humanities & Art

143 Meryl Streep, IQ 143

129 Plhilosophy

142 Steve Martin, IQ 142

103 Social Sciences

105 Student Counseling

110 Education

117 Gene Simmons, IQ 117

111 Other Social Science

112 Higher Education

116 Secondary Education

119 History

119 John F. Kennedy, IQ 119

120 History, Theory, Critical Theory of Arts

121 Religion & Theory

165 Charles Darwin, IQ 165

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What Does Your College Major Say About Your IQ?

shared by bcortwright on Jun 30, 2013 in Education

What Does Your College Major Say About Your IQ?

shared by bcortwright on Jun 30, 2013 in Education


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It goes without saying that you need to have at least some smarts to get accepted into college, but just how intelligent do you have to be? Check out this chart that depicts the average Intelligence Q...
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