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What Does Organic Really Mean?


what does organic really mean?

strict standards

fruits & veggies are grown without pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, genetic modification, ionizing radiation

farm animals are raised without antibiotics, growth hormones, non-organic feed

the label

100% organic Means 100 percent of the ingredients must be organic. The USDA logo may be used on all packaging.

organic Means a minimum of 95% of the ingredients are organic. The USDA logo may be used on all packaging.

ingredient panel only <70% of the ingredients are organic.

made with organic ingredients 70-94% of the ingredients are organic. The USDA logo cannot be used on the package.

converting farmland to organic

Year 1 Begin building fertility of land for next 2 years. Harvest cannot be labeled organic yet...

Year 2 In the second year, crop may be stated as "In Conversion"

Year 3 It is not until the third year that produce may be stated as fully organic. Soil and natural fertility building are important parts of organic farming.

why does organic cost more?

Organic farmers don't receive federal subsidies like conventional farmers do. Therefore, the price of organic food reflects the true cost of growing.

Organic farms are usually smaller than conventional farms and so do not benefit from the economies of scale that larger growers get.

Organic farming is more labor intensive because methods such as compost application and anti-soil erosion landscaping are very labor intensive.

eat organic / loku

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What Does Organic Really Mean?

shared by Loku on Feb 03, 2012 in Food

What Does Organic Really Mean?

shared by Loku on Feb 03, 2012 in Food


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Everything you ever wanted to know about what it means to be organic.
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