What do kids want for Christmas? The Top Toys Of 2012

What do kids want for Christmas?

The Top Toys Of 2012

" Parents love making their children happy.

But what should they get?

Last year,

9% of people $891 million was

intend to spend more spent on unwanted

this year on Christmas Christmas gifts

than they did in 2011

1 in 10 people

received a gift that they

did not like.

Ancient Romans

Most gifts given were returned

Started Gifting within the month itself. Nearly

1.5 million items every

(200-500 A D) year.....

Top Rated Toys for this Christmas Season

* Lego Monster


* Vampyre Hearse


* Pieces: 314

* Minifigures: 3

* Fisher-Price

* Master Moves Age: 8 - 14

Mickey (M3)

* Hip Hop Dancing * Twister

* Mickey Toy * Dance

* Interactive


Age: 2 - 6 years * Version Of Twister

* FurReal Friends Age: 4 and up

* Bouncy

* Interactive * Hasbro

* Puppy * Furby

* Interactive

Age: 4 and up * Friend

Age: 8 months - 8 years

* WWE Brawlin'

* Buddies

* Interactive * LeapFrog

Wrestling * LeapPad 2

* Plush Toy * New Children's

* Learning Tablet

Age: 3- 8 years

Age: 3 - 9 years

* Imaginext Eagle

* Talon Castle In the United States and England,

* Interactive

* Castle children hang stockings on their

bedpost or near a fireplace on

Christmas Eve, hoping that it will

be filled with treats while they sleep

Gifts for Boys and Girls..........

Attractive Gifts for Girls..........

* Monster High

* High School Playset

* High School Playset

* From Monster High

Age: 36 months - 15 years

* Disney Princess

* Songs Palace

* Disney Princess

* Inspired Dollhouse

* Barbie Sisters Age: 18 months - 5 years

* Cruise Ship

* Cruise Opens Up Into

* Grand Buffet Playset * Barbie Collector

* 2012 Holiday Doll

Age: 36 months - 10 years * Beautiful Barbie In

* Red Gown

Age: 6 and up

What I want


Christmas ????? * Air Hogs

* Hover Assault

* Driving, Jumping

* Flying

* R/C

Age: 8 and up

* Nerf N-Strike Elite

* Hail-Fire Blaster

* Highest Capacity

* Nerf Dart Gun

Age: 8 and up

*Power Wheels

* Dune Racer

* 2 Seat Dune Buggy

* Vehicle

Age: 8 and up

* Hot Wheels RC

* Terrain Twister

* Twin Screws Allow It

* To Ride On Land And


Age: 8 and up

" A gift is a symbol of love and happiness. Get

something that your child will love"

"The best toy is only the best if your child will love it..."

What do kids want for Christmas? The Top Toys Of 2012

shared by randypaes on Dec 05, 2012 in Lifestyle

What do kids want for Christmas? The Top Toys Of 2012

shared by randypaes on Dec 05, 2012 in Lifestyle


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