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Wedding Venue Checklist

Wedding Venue Checklist

Not sure if wedding venue is right for your bid day? Take along our comprehensive wedding venue checklist to ensure you ask yourself the right questions. Answer as many as possible to make sure all areas are covered.

Is it available on the required date?
Home for in advance are bookings required?

Do they have a wedding coordinator?
Will you have exclusive use?
Is it licensed to carry out civil weddings?
Will it suite your them?
Does it look good?
When is the earliest you can decorate?
Where will wedding gifts be stored?

Guest Considerations
Is there accommodation for guests?
Is it a reasonable distance for guests to travel?
Is it big enough to accommodate all your guests?
Is it easy to find?
Are there parking facilities?

Food & Drink
Is there in house catering?
Is there a vegetarian alternative?
Can they accommodate special dietary requirements?
Do they have a license to consume alcohol?
Will there be a free bar?

The Small Print
Is it insured?
Is a deposit needed and is there a cancellation policy?

Livius Events
Corporate Hospitality & Conferencing

Wedding Venue Checklist

shared by MatthewRedford on Jun 18, 2012 in Entertainment

Wedding Venue Checklist

shared by MatthewRedford on Jun 18, 2012 in Entertainment


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Not sure if a wedding venue meets all requirements? Use this visual wedding venue checklist to answer questions covering the important areas.
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