A Visual Guide to Minimalist Home Decor

Visual Guide To Minimalist Home Decor


A 1950s trend in art that used simple, typically massice, forms.

Minimal Palette, Maximum Style.

Clean lines, crisp colors and delicate accents truly create a warm space in your home.

White is what minimalists dream in.

Benefits of a minimalist home.

1. Less stressful.

2. More appealing.

3. Easier to clean

Minimal Furniture:

A Minimalist room would only contain a few essential pieces of furniture.

Clear surfaces:

Flat Surfaces are clear, expect for one or two decorations. Not stacks of books or paper or other items.

Accent decorations:

One vase on a table, one piece of artwork on the wall, or just have a family photo on a table.

Quality over quantity:

A minimalist would choose just a few really good things you love and use often.

How to create a minimalist house:

One room at a time.

Start with furniture

Only the essentials

Clear Walls

Clear Surfaces

Sort Stuff Out Of Sitght


Simple Artwork

Simple Decorations

Plain Windows and Treatments

Plain Patterns

Subdued Colors

Edit and Eliminate

Place for Everything

Sit Back Relax and Enjoy

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A Visual Guide to Minimalist Home Decor

shared by VisualApogee on Sep 07, 2012 in Home

A Visual Guide to Minimalist Home Decor

shared by VisualApogee on Sep 07, 2012 in Home


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Feel like your home is cluttered? Live in a small space? Let this guide to minimalism help you de-clutter your home!
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