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UX research method cookies

UX Research Method Cookies

Quantitative research
Qualitative research

Conversation with a user

Focus Group
Conversation with a few users conducted by the moderator

Card Sorting
Classification of labels made by users

Users’ responses t a list of structured questions

Observation of a user in his natural environment

Heuristic Estimation
Estimation of usability done by an expert on the basis of heuristics

A/B Testing
Comparative analysis of two versions of the project

Traffic Analysis
Analysis of users’ activities on the basis of serve statistics

Tracking the user’s eye movement

Content Analysis
Analysis of discussion forums or users’ feedback

Performance Measurement
Quantitative measure of task execution by users

Coaching Method
Teaching user how to use the application

Co-Discovery Learning
Task completion by two users altogether

Tests with a thinking aloud protocol and elements of an interview

UX research method cookies

shared by witflow on Jan 23, 2013 in Other

UX research method cookies

shared by witflow on Jan 23, 2013 in Other


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UX research cookies presents and explains methods, starting with expert analysis, through clictracking, a / b testing, individual interviews, card sorting, to various tests with users. Each of these m...
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