Unhappiness by the Numbers: 2012 Depression Statistics


Depression is a condition that reportedly affects I in 10 Americans
at one point or another, but the incidence of depression is actually higher
in some states than others. Certain ethnicities also report higher
depression rates than do others.

Over 80% of the people that have symptoms
of clinical depression are not receiving any
specific treatment for their depression.

The number of patients diagnosed
with depression increases by
approximately 20% per year.

Depression by State

U.S. States with the highest rates of adults meeting the criteria for depression.


States with higher rates of depression also have high rates of:

Obesity Heart Disease Stroke Sleep Disorders Lack of Education Less Access
to Medical Insurance

Individuals that are more likely to suffer from depression:
Unemployed Recently Divorced


Depression is most prevalent
in people ages 45-64

From 2.8% for those 18-24
to a peak of 4.6% for
those 45-64 years.

African-American • • • • 4%
Hispanics • • • • 4%
Others . . . .4.3%
Caucasians • • • 3.1%


Overall, women
have higher rates
of depression
than men.

Women are twice as likely
to have depression and
symptoms of depression
as men of the same age.

I in 10 women experiences
symptoms of depression in the
weeks after having a baby.

Medical Costs
60•80% of all depression cases can be
effectively treated with brief,
structured forms of psychotherapy
and antidepressant medications.

Healthcare Costs
Per year

People currently diagnosed----------------------------------------$22,960
with depression

People having symptoms but ------------------- $14,365
not diagnosed as depressed

People without any signs ---------------- $11,365
of depression

Worldwide Facts
An estimated 121 million people around the world currently suffer from some form of depression.

France, Netherlands and the US: over 30%
India 36%:

Major Depressive Episode (MDE) reported:
<20% 120-30% 30-36% >36%

Courtesy of: Healthline
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Unhappiness by the Numbers: 2012 Depression Statistics

shared by Healthline on Jan 03, 2013 in Health

Unhappiness by the Numbers: 2012 Depression Statistics

shared by Healthline on Jan 03, 2013 in Health


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This infographic includes depression statistics , factors, demographics, and world wide facts.
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