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Trends of Smartphone in 2013

Smartphone Trends for 2013

Time spent on mobile phones is increasing 14 times faster than time spent on desktop media.

14X mobile phones 1X desktopmedia

Time Spent on Mobile Devices Using Nonvoice Features

2009 46.7%

2010 54.5%

2011 58.8%

2012 51.9%

Web Traffic in North America as of June 2012 71.5% 20.3% 7.1% Desktop, Smartphone, Tablet

In 2013, mobile devices are projected to become the most common tools for accessing the Internet, finally overtaking PCs.

The number of smartphone users will continue its steady growth.

Projected Number of Smartphone Users in the US (Information in millions)

2010 62.60 2011 93.10 2012 115.80 2013 137.50

Cloud packaged data and analytics are expected to accelerate in 2013, with mobile access to these sources of information

Global Market Forecast for Cloud/Datacenter-Delivered IT Services.

By 2014, annual app store purchases will top 70 billion mobile app downloads.

2009 $25.524.90

2010 $28,352.60

2011 $47.371.80

(Information in millions)

Android and Apple devices will continue to overtake larger shares of the market. Projected Change in Smartphone User Share by Operating System.

Andoid, iOS, RIM, Microsoft, Other

2010 24%, 28%, 30%,11%

2011 37%, 30%, 20%, 10%

2012 43%, 33%, 13%, 8.8%

2013 46%, 35%, 9%, 9%

Global smartphone penetration will continue with steady growth.

Projected Change in Smartphone User Share by Operating System.

2010 7%

2011 10%

2012 14%

2013 18%

Trends of Smartphone in 2013

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Do you know all the facts about your unlocked iPhone? For example, in 2013 smartphones are projected to become the most common device used to access the internet. Take advantage of the information we ...
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